Writing Update: October Has Arrived Edition

On the 25th, Shadow Puppet Mysteries debuts. Right now I am currently working on the plot for Part 2 and soon I’ll begin another editing pass for the first entry in the series.

Meanwhile, Cronus Collection continues to grow a bit slowly. As of now I have 8,000 words written but they’re not necessarily going to reflect the final product. During the development of Memory Blood 4, I wrote down various ideas for the world of Cronus Collection back when I simply referred to it as the Untitled Zekkyn Project.

Now, I’ve begun writing something a little different than a rough draft. As this story takes place in the large city of Cronus, it’s important to record the various perspectives of many different characters. As I write more and explore the city and its characters, the true plot develops in the background. I believe most of the material I’m writing now will make it into the final version, but I’m not committing to anything. I’ll just continue writing and then use the material that’s the best to shape the final product.

Because the story won’t be released until the end of next year, there’s a lot more time to explore various possibilities. As long as I continue writing and developing the story, there’s no need to commit to anything just yet. At the same time, many elements of the story have already fallen into place so it’s an interesting mix of writing new and familiar material for me.

I think this long development period will result in the best book possible. I’d like to make sure it gets released in a timely manner though so I’ll be sure to keep an eye on my pace and the scope of the story.

Writing Update: January 2016 Edition

Good evening!

At the end of this upcoming week, Creswood Illusions will be released for free on the site. As I work on finishing this third story in the Creswood series, I’m also working on Memory Blood 4 for release this summer as well as other minor projects.

Right now there are many possibilities for Memory Blood 4. Ideally, the true plot will begin to take shape sooner rather than later but until then I’ve been writing various scenes and exploring different possibilities. Please look forward to some more concrete information in the future.

Also, I’ve prepared a gift for this Valentine’s Day. Another Alpha Fragment will be published featuring a certain character’s first appearance…

2015 Goals Review

It’s the end of the year! It sure has been a long time since the last time it was January 1st.

While I improved at many things this year, the rate at which I improved was a bit slower than I would have liked. I think that my desire last year to take the moment from 2014 forward into 2015 is an even strong desire now. Let’s take 2015 and use it to push ourselves ahead in 2016.

  • Release Memory Blood 2 and 3 – This goal was accomplished! Even if the third book ended up being shorter, I’m happy with this development. Memory Blood Discord was a unique opportunity and it’s allowed me to introduce world elements that can now be used a little more freely in the finale now that they’ve been established. I’m looking forward to writing the grand finale and I have a far clearer idea of what Book 4 is going to be now.
  • Release an additional project – With Creswood Fantasies I achieved this goal. I’m very happy to have released all the material I wanted to in 2015.
  • Increased marketing – While I did work on this, I’ve found myself not focusing on this goal so much. Rather than marketing, I’d like to simply reach out to more people. So this goal is a success but it’s unlikely to be a future goal of mine.

Tomorrow I’ll post my goals for 2016 so please look forward to them. I’m always excited at the beginning of a new year and I’ve proven many times now that I can set reasonably challenging goals and meet them if they’re what I truly desire.

The plan for 2016 can’t be formed fully at the start of the year, but I’ve got some exciting things to share.

Writing Update: Good Progress Edition

This week I came up with some cool new ideas for Creswood Part 2 that have pushed me into the second half of the story. The difficulty level is climbing and I’m hoping to think of even more difficult tricks to include. It’s tough writing tricks for a story that’s already been “solved”, but that’s part of the fun of this extra super difficult scenario.

Speaking of which, I’ve decided to make both Creswood Mysteries and its successor available for free at the end of the month! You’ll be able to purchase the Kindle or iBooks edition for 99 cents if you choose, but if you’d rather not spend the money then feel free to stop by and get both for free. The final story will also be made available for free, but I might also gather all three stories and publish them together as Creswood Collection or something like that as well.

There’s not much else to say this week, but just to summarize my current plans:

End of April 2015 – Creswood 2

Summer 2015 – Memory Blood 2

Winter 2015 – Creswood 3

2016 – Memory Blood 3 and 4 (end of the series)

Writing Update: June 2014 Finale Edition

With June about to come to an end, the year will soon be half over. Today’s update is going to be a quick one as I’m about to resume work on Memory Blood at full-speed after receiving the results of the QA and I’ve been planning things that I can’t yet talk about this week so there’s not much to talk about as of now. For this week, I’ll also return to the % format.

Memory Blood

Book One – QA Phase ending, ~50% finalized.
Book Two – Currently being designed.

The Academy Series and The Orin Chronicles

Development paused. Next volume for The Academy Series and the next volume for The Orin Chronicles are about 50% written.

Future Works

Potential 2016 Project – About 10,000 words written. Concept in flux.
Mystery Series – Currently being designed.
After the Mystery Series – ???

Writing Update: March W1 Edition

At this point, I’m already approaching the end of the second story for Memory Blood. In total, there are going to be eight stories in this first book so I’m nearly 25% complete with the writing which makes me feel great. Already, this is proof that my new writing schedule was well thought-out and that I made the right decisions when it came to the production planning process.

So far, the book’s tone has been very unique. It’s definitely not like anything I’ve written before and I’m very excited about that. While my other series are on the shorter side, I’ve made an effort to make Memory Blood at least 50% bigger than The Library Series and it looks like I’ll easily attain that goal and then surpass it as well. The character reveals start in April so I’m looking forward to seeing how far along I’ll be at that point. If I do enough work, I might be at the 50% mark by the time I reveal the 2 main characters which means I’ll have a lot of time for editing before I send it off for Quality Assurance with friends.

Previously, the QA phase lasted 1-2 weeks (if I was lucky to get everything done in time), but this time there will be not only an entire month of having others read it, but also an entire month to make edits and take that feedback into account. I think this will result in a very high quality product for this summer and I’m looking forward to seeing what Memory Blood will look like in its completed form. There won’t be any time to rest, however, as I’ll be getting to work on the second book right after the first one finishes so I can get it out by the end of the year.

I think now is probably a good time to reveal that Memory Blood will be a 2 year series consisting of four books. So for 2014 and 2015, this is what I’ll be working on in addition to trying to meet by bonus goals of finishing The Orin Chronicles and The Academy Series. As for 2016 and beyond… well, I already know what I’ll be working on. As another fun reveal, my debut mystery series will be coming after Memory Blood! There’s a lot of planning required for this, so I’m glad to have the next two years to get everything into place so that I can properly write it. You readers, as well, should probably use these two years to prepare. The current plan is to have a high difficulty across the entire series so you’ll need to be well prepared for the challenges to come.

Writing Update: January 2014 W2 Edition

The Friday Updates for 2014 have officially begun! Even though today is Sunday so it’s about two days late…

As promised, I’d like to provide updates every Friday about the projects I’m working on as well as other things. While a lot of these updates are planned to be reveals for my upcoming series, the name of which will finally be revealed on January 31st, a good number of them will also be Writing Updates. Today I’ll be quickly updating everyone on the status of The Orin Chronicles, The Academy Series,  and my next series.

The Orin Chronicles

Krakken (Volume 8): Writing – 35% complete
Volumes 9-10: Concept Phase
Volumes 11-13: Not in active development

Notes: The name for Volume 8 has been revealed! The writing has been going smoothly and I suspect Volumes 8-10 will be released within the first half of 2014.

The Academy Series

Second Volume: Not in active development, writing 35% complete

Notes: The major delay with Second Volume has been the complicated problems I set up for the characters. In order for me to continue writing I have to come up with the solutions to these problems so I think it’s likely that Second Volume won’t be released until late 2014. I’ve set up a bigger challenge for myself than I had expected to, but I think it’s definitely going to be a rewarding experience.

2014 Series

Logo: Rough sketch approved. Final product in development.
Book One: Concept Phase. Writing – 1.5% complete

Notes: —