Writing Update: June W1 Edition

This time it’s another Q&A format!

Q: How has Memory Blood progressed in the past week?

For this month, the book is in the QA phase so I’m not looking at it actively. Instead I’m doing things like creating the cover, writing the release information, and deciding what will happen in Memory Blood 2. I’ll return to actively working on Memory Blood in July as I adjust it according to feedback and prepare it for release.

Q: When will the release date and other information be published?

This information will be available during the first week of July. At that time you’ll know the release date, price, cover, and summary.

Q: Any progress on The Orin Chronicles or The Academy Series?

Not just yet. Some new content might still appear at the end of the year, but I wouldn’t expect any of these two series to end before 2015.

Q: Will Memory Blood be exclusive to Kindle?

A: Yes. The current plan is for Memory Blood to be enrolled in KDP Select and made exclusive for 3 months. As a result of this, there will be a free promotion to celebrate the launch of the book. More details will be announced at a later date.

Q: When will all of your books become available on Nook and Kobo?

A: Right now there isn’t much interest in these platforms, but the first books in The Orin Chronicles and The Library Series are available. If interest in these books, and any others currently available, increases then I’ll upload the remaining books. Or, if anyone specifically requests a book to become available by contacting me, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Q: Any secret projects being developed?

Not right now. I’d like to do something extra for Winter in addition to releasing Memory Blood 2, but nothing is in development currently.

Writing Update: Mid July 2013 Edition

4 AM. It’s fun to be up this late, but I value waking early in the morning more so these long nights will soon be coming to an end. Before I can go to sleep, I’m going to use this opportunity to finally write another blog post and update everyone on a variety of things.

The Orin Chronicles will have its eighth volume released late this month on Kindle with Volumes 4 and 5 coming on Nook and Kobo very soon.

The Library Series: Recreations will enter the production phase very soon. I’m going to make final decisions on it very soon and then writing will begin when I’m not working on The Orin Chronicles. It won’t be very long, but it will still be releasing late in the summer because The Orin Chronicles has a higher priority. In Library Series news in general, the first book will be debuting on Nook and Kobo this month as well.

Planning and ideas for my 2014 series also continue along nicely. I’ve had lots of healthy debates and questions about my ideas with myself and by the time I start officially writing next year I’m confident it will be in a fantastic condition. I’ve never had a planning phase for a project that has lasted more than a few weeks so I’m really enjoying having many months to think about what I want to do next. I’ll keep mentioning this project throughout the year, but don’t expect any details during 2013. When and how I’m going to introduce readers to this series is a topic for next year, not this one. But as this is my blog it’s important to record my mental state and details about my thinking process.

Also, I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately and reading visual novels I’ve already read before so there hasn’t been much progress on my ‘VN Progress List’ but this will almost certainly change towards the end of next month.

Writing Update: Library Series End + Everything Edition

Today marks the launch of “The Collapsing of Infinity”, the fourth and final book in the Library Series. Information about the history of the series can be found throughout this blog and I expressed my emotions within the Author’s Note at the end of the book so I want to discuss a different topic here: what I’ve learned from the Library Series. To begin with, I learned a lot of practical things like how to publish on Kindle and use KDP Select as well as the format required for using Word or OpenOffice. In terms of writing the book, I learned a lot about planning. Once I finished “The Library Complex” I had a lot of ideas for the remaining books and outlined those ideas so I’d know where I was heading. For “The Weapon of The Kara” I didn’t want to reveal the answers to the big mysteries so it was easy to come up with an adventure that expanded upon what I had done in the first book, but for “The Cult of Eternal Darkness” I needed to tie all of the answers into a narrative that would make sense. I left the seeds for this plot at the end of Book Two and thanks to that I limited the infinite possibilities I had and was able to create something I genuinely pleased with. In that sense, it was probably the most difficult writing Book Three, however there’s also the challenge of the last book.

(This post will be a long one so please click through to the rest!)

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Writing Update: March Progress Edition

Work on the fifth volume of The Orin Chronicles has been going well. I’ve just finished the final edits for the first chapter and I’m very pleased with the results and look forward to the release on Friday. Tomorrow I will most likely post the release details on this blog and the cover on the Google+ page.

I’ve got a lot to do this month, but hopefully once Volume 5 is released I will make some good progress with the final book in the Library Series. In a worst-case scenario it will reach 50% completion by the end of the month. I can’t foresee a worst-case scenario occurring so it will most likely be at least 3/4 completed which will work well with my intent to release it at the end of May.

In other news, I’m thinking a lot about the new series that I’ll be publishing in 2014. It’s too early to say anything, but I’m very conscious of it and I’m looking to use a new writing schedule when it comes time to work on it next year. Until then, I will focus on bringing the Library Series and The Orin Chronicles to a close as well as meeting all of my 2013 goals. It’s looking to be a very good year, so please stay tuned.

Writing Update: Many Projects Edition

Since my last blog post I’ve released a new volume of The Orin Chronicles and I am currently working on getting the third book in the Library Series ready for release. I’m going to start this post by discussing The Orin Chronicles. Due to this project involving my most rapid release schedule ever, I’ve finally started to get nervous about it. It didn’t really bother me for Volumes 1 and 2, both of which I was happy with, but for some reason releasing Volume 3 wasn’t as satisfying because of my worries. Will everything develop in a good direction? Should I be planning more? Questions like these pop into my mind every day. While I always release a work that I am satisfied with, this time around I couldn’t enjoy the release of Volume 3. I’m not without a plan for the series so I’m working on convincing myself to not worry.

On a more positive note, the third book in the Library Series is being prepared for release on the 31st of this month! This book contains many answers to the mysteries of the first two books and is an ending arc of the series (the other being Book 4 which I am very excited about). The writing was a lot of fun although the atmosphere was a bit darker. I decided the direction of the plot a while ago and was happy with that so now I’m working on presentation to make sure the reading experience is pleasant. I’m glad to have reached this point in the series and I very much look forward to the writing of the last book (which is at least 10% complete already).

The Library Series was the first series I’ve ever written and even though two books need to be released (this one and the next) I feel like I’ve done my job well in creating it and it’s something I’m very happy with. My writing has certainly improved since Book One, but even Book One is still enjoyable to me. It’s my goal to create a journey where the reader can be satisfied from beginning to end with the variety and plot of the books. If anything, my one weak point might be character development. There are some key characters in the Library Series who have beautiful stories in my opinion, but I’d rather that more of them did and I think Book Four will provide a solution to this problem.

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Writing Update: Social Media Edition

I’ll admit it, I’m practically a failure at updating my progress via social media. Between blog posts, tweets, and Google+ updates, I don’t really generate enough content which causes me to have trouble attracting new fans. Social media is important to reach new fans and customers so I know that I need to invest more time in it. Recently I’ve started a Google+ Communities page to facilitate discussion between fans of my works (well, for when they start existing in the first place…) and I’m vowing to update all these different sites more frequently.

First and foremost, I have always wanted to have readers. I know not everyone will like my books, but that’s why it’s even more important to reach as many people as possible. If there’s a fixed percentage of the population that will like my works then I need as many readers as possible to increase the chance that someone who truly enjoys my work will get a chance to read it. The money and profit from investing all my time in these books can come later. That’s because I’d rather be a failure at making a profit than be a failure at creating something that others find meaningful.

I always sound a little depressed when I bring this topic up, don’t I? There’s no need to worry about me though because writing for my own sake is still fun for now. I hope to be able to write for the sake of others soon, and maybe one day support myself by doing it, but all that is in the future. Right now is the time to focus on the continuation of my beloved Library Series. Book Three will release within the first few months of 2013 and more information will come soon. At the moment I’m working on editing the rough draft, a process that’s about 40% complete.

Hey, maybe I can tweet about my progress with editing! I just hope that I remember to do so… ^_^

Writing Update: End of 2012 Works Edition

Alright, I was expecting “The Weapon of The Kara (Library Series: Book Two)” to be my last work of 2012, but that turned out to not be true when I was inspired to revive The Orin Chronicles as a monthly series. Now, having published two books in the Library Series and two volumes of The Orin Chronicles, I am incredibly satisfied with my work so far and I greatly look forward to the future.

Writing really is one of my favorite activities and while supporting myself with an author career is still a dream, it feels amazing to have a total of five works now available. I desperately want to talk about my plans for 2013, but I’ve decided to save that for a New Year’s Day post after a December 31st post reflecting on 2012 so I must stop myself from talking now.

Really, this post is a memorial to what I’ve done and something that I know I’ll enjoy looking back on. These moments, of absolute inspiration, have become more and more frequent since I started my journey in publishing and it’s impossible to capture that feeling, but the moment can be recorded. I hope that everyone who reads this has the opportunity to explore their passions and feel this same joy. Maybe I’m not skilled enough to convey it in my works right now, but one day I hope people can read my books and feel truly satisfied with their experience and inspired to pursue their own dreams.