Writing Update: Rough Draft Complete

It’s been nearly an entire month since my last Writing Update. But during my time of silence, I have finished the rough draft of Library Second Section ahead of schedule!

The plot is outlined, all the elements that are needed are in there, and I’ve even thrown in a few new elements. I’m very happy with the rough draft and I look forward to refining it during the editing process. Everything seems to be going according to plan and I’ll try to update this blog more frequently as I head towards that Summer 2011 release date.

Rough Draft Finished

The rough draft for “Library: Monument” is now complete. It’s very short, but I think it serves its purpose well. “Library: Monument” is a short novella that acts as an introduction to the Library series. By the time it is over, you should have a good sense of the characters and the setting. That type of understanding is my goal right now.

Of course it also introduces some of the key mysteries of the series. Because of this, there are some traps that might catch you. Those traps are few in number though so you should probably trust most of the material.