Rewrite Review

Rewrite is a long VN. I didn’t keep track of how long I played for, but I imagine it’s somewhere close to 60 hours. It’s possible to finish the game without 100% completion, but it only takes a few hours after finishing the story to do so, so that isn’t responsible for the length. The length is determined by the sheer wealth and variety of content offered within.

Rewrite contains a large main scenario spanning a period of over one month that branches into five different heroine routes and a conclusion to the story after all the routes have been cleared. Three of the five routes are available right away with the other two requiring having cleared specific heroines beforehand. I think this is effective in keeping the routes with a lot of revealing information away from the more introductory ones, but it isn’t 100% effective. It’s still possible to read the routes in an order that will minimize surprises, but that’s not really a detriment. The order I played them in was Kotori -> Shizuru -> Chihaya -> Lucia -> Akane. Most people would recommend doing Kotori first and Akane last so that’s what I did and I agree to some extent, but I don’t think your experience will change too much if you play them in whatever order you’d like (although you should really consider doing Kotori first).

The thing about the heroine routes is that there are going to be some that you don’t fully enjoy. Because of the length or the specific heroine or the plot of that route, you may find yourself getting tired a lot during the game. Each route is a full story in and of itself and so Rewrite is like reading 6-7 novels which is why it’s over 50 hours long, possibly 60. My biggest suggestion here is to take your time because you don’t want to skip routes just to get to the end.

Throughout the story you’ll also collect friends, learn about monsters, and complete quests. Doing all of this is the requirement for 100% completion and a small reward for doing so. Information about the characters and monsters will automatically be updated throughout the story and all of the vital ones are obtained automatically as you progress through the story. Getting quests and friends to 100% completion requires exploring the interactive Mappie segments throughout the game.

Of course, with five heroine routes, there are choices in this game. I very much like the way that they were done in that they’re usually very simple and don’t add unnecessary bad ends that break the flow of the story.

Now, on to discussing the story itself. Whether the presentation is effective or not, you’ll definitely enjoy many hours of Rewrite and possibly the vast majority of them. While thinking about this review I debated between going with a ‘Good’ or with a ‘Great’. Ultimately, the reason I decided Rewrite is a Great is because I think it’s definitely worth playing. The game is unique, logical, surprising, exciting, and incredibly funny at many points. In the end I was very satisfied and felt that it was worth investing my time in even for the parts I didn’t enjoy so much. Whether this is a Good or a Great VN is debatable, but I could never bring myself to call it anything other than Great and so that’s what I did.

Score: Great

*Scoring: Flawless > Great > Good > Okay > Bad

Writing Update: Many Projects Edition

Since my last blog post I’ve released a new volume of The Orin Chronicles and I am currently working on getting the third book in the Library Series ready for release. I’m going to start this post by discussing The Orin Chronicles. Due to this project involving my most rapid release schedule ever, I’ve finally started to get nervous about it. It didn’t really bother me for Volumes 1 and 2, both of which I was happy with, but for some reason releasing Volume 3 wasn’t as satisfying because of my worries. Will everything develop in a good direction? Should I be planning more? Questions like these pop into my mind every day. While I always release a work that I am satisfied with, this time around I couldn’t enjoy the release of Volume 3. I’m not without a plan for the series so I’m working on convincing myself to not worry.

On a more positive note, the third book in the Library Series is being prepared for release on the 31st of this month! This book contains many answers to the mysteries of the first two books and is an ending arc of the series (the other being Book 4 which I am very excited about). The writing was a lot of fun although the atmosphere was a bit darker. I decided the direction of the plot a while ago and was happy with that so now I’m working on presentation to make sure the reading experience is pleasant. I’m glad to have reached this point in the series and I very much look forward to the writing of the last book (which is at least 10% complete already).

The Library Series was the first series I’ve ever written and even though two books need to be released (this one and the next) I feel like I’ve done my job well in creating it and it’s something I’m very happy with. My writing has certainly improved since Book One, but even Book One is still enjoyable to me. It’s my goal to create a journey where the reader can be satisfied from beginning to end with the variety and plot of the books. If anything, my one weak point might be character development. There are some key characters in the Library Series who have beautiful stories in my opinion, but I’d rather that more of them did and I think Book Four will provide a solution to this problem.

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Writing Update: Tons of Updates Edition

Currently, I am beginning the writing for The Orin Chronicles Volume 2 while working on the editing for Library Series: Book Three. Originally, I had planned to start working on Orin Chronicles Volume 2 a bit later, but because of various developments I think that it’s best to work on The Orin Chronicles for now. The Library Series already has two books and I want to be careful with how I bring the story to its conclusion so it is likely there will be a bit of a delay in the release of the third book. I know all of the key moments and I’m very happy with how they’ve been written, but there’s a lot more content that I want to improve before release and I think it will be worth the wait (which should be no more than an extra month).

However, for The Orin Chronicles the story has just begun! There are so many things that I want to explore and it is very easy to write installments for this series. Each adventure is more independent of the others than with the Library Series so I’m able to craft something new while slowly building up the mythology. My main goal for The Orin Chronicles is to release “an adventure worth reading” every month whereas my goal with the Library Series is to tell “an epic adventure”.

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Writing Update: Rewriting Edition

Yes, I’m rewriting Library: Book One, Sections 1-2. After spending so much time writing and thinking about this world, I now have a much better idea of its structure and focus. I made this decision today, wrote 3,000 words, and I can tell this is the right choice. The world has a wonderful feeling to it under this new structure and focus.

The elements are the same so far and I don’t anticipate a major difference between the plot of the current release and the upcoming one. The rewriting process is going very well so far and I believe I can rewrite everything and release Third Section by the end of the year. I’m very excited to have a project this big and so I’m delaying the ??? project for a bit.

I look forward to writing this new and improved version. Make no mistake, I stand by every word I’ve released so far and I’m happy with the releases. This new version is an improvement from something I was already happy with. So I’m very excited about it.