Writing Update: Concept Edition

While information on my series for 2014 won’t be released until the end of January, now is a good time to talk about how I’ll be working on the series. The plan for the development of the new series is as follows.

Concept Stage – For all of 2013 I’ve been gathering ideas together to define what this series is. 90% of that information has been gathered and on December 31st, 2013 at 24:00 the document with all of this information will be locked and the concept will have been defined allowing me to begin working on the project. Information included in this document will include the world of the story, the general plot, and the core themes and ideas that will be explored.

Planning Stage – Early next year I’ll be deciding what will be the first installment in the series. There’s a lot of information on the characters, plots, and stories I’m thinking of in the concept document, but those are not definite plans. The time to decide if I’ll be going forward with those or telling completely new stories will be now. The key beats to the story and who the characters upon the stage are will be decided at this time. The plot will be allowed to evolve during the writing, but the story at the core of the first installment will be decided before the writing begins.

Writing Stage – This is where the plan is executed and new things happen. During the writing stage it is important to always be true to the concept and to not alter the plan for the first installment without very good reason. This is where everything happens and is explored in greater detail than in previous stages and where the product is created. A minimum of 70% of the final product should be represented here.

QA Stage – The first installment will be read by a select few who will provide feedback. This feedback will be necessary in shaping what has been written into the final product. A maximum of 30% of the final product can come from this stage, but if I’ve done my job right then there won’t be a need for so much of the product to come from the Quality Assurance Testers.

While the QA Testers work, I will be planning the second installment of the series.

Editing Stage – Feedback is compiled, decisions are made, and the written product is shaped into the final product. This stage mainly includes proofreading and rewording. Some minor details may be added, but no large events or revelations are likely to be implemented at this point. The plan for the second installment will continue to be written while taking into account feedback received from the first installment as well.

Release – If all goes well, my plan above will have worked out and the product will be released. I won’t when to expect the first installment yet, but remember to check back for details on what the 2014 series is on January 31st, 2014. After that date, expect to understand the series on February 28th, 2014 when information about the world of the series is revealed and continue to check the blog for more information as development on the project continues.





Writing Update: Book Two Submitted!

After many hours of checking for minor mistakes (hopefully I caught them all), the second book in the Library Series, The Weapon of The Kara, has been submitted. While it will likely be available tomorrow, before the official release date, it will still be free for the duration of October 5th.

I expressed some of my thoughts on completing this book in the Author’s Note, but being able to publicly write about them on my blog is a completely different experience. I’ve put a lot of effort into the series thus far and Book Three is going to take a significant amount of work. I hope to gain new readers with the release of Book Two and I hope everyone can enjoy the experience. Even if everything that I’ve done isn’t seen as a great work of art, all I want is for a few people to have genuinely enjoyed themselves. That’s all the motivation I need to keep writing… actually, I’ll probably keep writing even if that doesn’t happen.

I’ve had a lot of fun with the Library Series so far and even though I am happy to continue it, I’m also a little bit sad that I’m now one book closer to the end. With each book, the ending becomes clearer in my mind and the journey of the characters progresses towards that end and their individual ends. Please look forward to the next book in 2013.

The Library Complex Has Been Released!

Visit the Library Series page for the links to the Kindle and NOOK editions as well as a preview of the book’s first section

It is now complete! I can finally say that now concerning the first book, but now all my efforts must go to Book Two. I should probably celebrate or something, but what better way is there to celebrate than to work on the future of the series? The process from conception to release is fun at all stages, so I’d like to describe those stages now as they apply to The Library Complex.

Conception: Anything can happen in this stage. After all, you haven’t written anything yet. There’s just an idea and that idea leads to many more and there’s a lot of planning and excitement, but most of those plans go nowhere. I have at least three different concepts for the Library Complex (the building within the story, not the first book) that have been completely discarded. They were fun at the time, but they would have led to completely different series or perhaps standalone books.

Initial Writing: The fun concepts and idea begin to take shape as the book is written. For The Library Complex, you might be able to say that the creation of the First Section decided almost everything. Everything else in the book became inevitable after I wrote this section. While the very last part was added a few days later, that was the final piece that launched the book’s writing forward.

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Library: Book One Released!

I wasn’t originally intending on doing a midnight launch but since I’m awake, why not? The link to download the .PDF is now up on the Library page. My emotions are mostly tiredness mixed with a bit of anxiety which turns into satisfaction before turning back into anxiety. I know that when I wrote the rough draft I was very pleased with how everything turned out so I am confident about this release.

So, where do I go from here?

Library: Memories, the supplementary work to Book One, is my next project. This work will be released December 31st. After that I move onto cleaning up Book One for a commercial release in August 2012. In the meantime I’ll be working on Academy (Volume 1) and Book Two as well. So I’ve got quite a bit to do in 2012.

Anyways, enjoy the release and feel free to let me know what you think.