Memory Blood Finale

The fourth and last book in the Memory Blood story, Memory Blood Castle, has been completed. The final version has been uploaded to Amazon and will arrive on August 12th as promised. This is both the longest book in the series and the longest book that I’ve ever written, so please look forward to it!

For those who would like to enjoy the complete series in one printed volume, Memory Blood Saga will be released this August as well. Containing 350+ pages and 146,000 words, this book will be available for $14.95. After the book is proofed, I’ll be able to announce the release date.

Writing Update: January 2016 Edition

Good evening!

At the end of this upcoming week, Creswood Illusions will be released for free on the site. As I work on finishing this third story in the Creswood series, I’m also working on Memory Blood 4 for release this summer as well as other minor projects.

Right now there are many possibilities for Memory Blood 4. Ideally, the true plot will begin to take shape sooner rather than later but until then I’ve been writing various scenes and exploring different possibilities. Please look forward to some more concrete information in the future.

Also, I’ve prepared a gift for this Valentine’s Day. Another Alpha Fragment will be published featuring a certain character’s first appearance…