What is The Library Series: Recreations?

Very early this morning I updated the Library Series and sent out a tweet about the promised additional Library Series project. The series has concluded, so this is a celebration of the series rather than a fifth installment. Currently planned for late Summer 2013, Recreations will be a small work for Library Series fans available for free. Some additional stories will be included involving the world of The Library Series, but not heavily involving its characters. The reason for this is that The Collapsing of Infinity focused on the characters and resolving their stories and having additional information would take away from the Book Four experience. This doesn’t mean that I recommend reading Recreations at any point in the series, it’s certainly to be read after everything’s concluded, but it does mean that there is a definitive boundary between The Library Series proper and this bonus work.

Additional information will come when I’m closer to releasing the project, but I wanted to remind everyone that I intended to make up for the lack of Reconstructions at the end of Books Three and Four. The tone of those books and how they ended made including additional stories seem inappropriate and so this is where they will be found. I look forward to crafting this project as I work on The Orin Chronicles and before summer is over (remember that summer ends in September) fans of The Library Series will get something special. That’s my goal.

Writing Update: Approaching the End Edition

The Library Series, on May 31st, will end. Today I announced the title, description, pricing, availability, details, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The book has started to go into QA (quality assurance) and I’ll be in the process of finishing it this month as well as releasing the delayed Volume 6 of The Orin Chronicles. I announced the delay on Twitter, but I apologize for not announcing it here as well. Due to injury, I was not able to complete Volume 6 in time for an April 15th release, so all of The Orin Chronicles has been shifted back by one month and it will resume being a monthly series on May 15th.

The Library Series, however, is properly ending. Once this book is released, there will be no more proper books in the series. Perhaps there will be more Library Series material, but not books. The adventures throughout Books 1-4 will all come to a close and the plot will be concluded. As with all previous books, Book 4 tells its own story. It has to. You can have a series where each book is the same, but that’s not the type of series I wanted to write and so I didn’t. Book 4 will be a new adventure, but it will also be the final adventure. In my mind, Book 3 concluded most of the plot in its story so Book 4 will be focusing on what remains. The characters whose stories haven’t ended, the final unfinished battles, and because of that it has a unique tone and pacing that I find to be beautiful.

I’m working very hard to make sure the beauty I see is represented in the final product. Because it is the end. I want you to see the ending as I do, because if you do then you won’t be disappointed. There will surely be people who are unsatisfied, but those who truly enjoy the Library Series should find something special in this book and that’s what I’m excited about presenting.

Writing Update: Inspiration Edition

There are only 3 days left to complete the rough draft for the fourth book and final book in the Library Series. Then, there are two more volumes of The Orin Chronicles to release before my very first series comes to a conclusion. This is an exciting time, but there’s also no time to be excited!

Currently, I have 15,000 words of the rough draft for Book Four written. However, every book in the Library Series thus far has had 42,000 words for the main story so it may seem like I’m behind in the writing. However, I was in the same situation for Book Three and Books One and Two were the exception. My definition of rough draft, which my deadline to complete is the end of March, is something that starts and ends. The editing phase is where the final words get written and it’s also possible that areas previously left blank will get filled in.

The truth is, the only reason the rough drafts for Book One and Book Two were very close to the final word count was because I had an immense amount of time back then. The pace of my writing, as well as my daily work, has increased and so I’m no longer sitting on a complete draft for months waiting to release it. Every now and again I’ll wish I had more time, but back then I was cursing the amount of time I had. Truthfully, this writing schedule is just right for me and allows me to produce quality work more quickly than I would have previously. And that’s something that definitely makes me happy.

One of the things I’ll be trying next year (it’s still too early to talk about 2014, Reyskaw…) is an even better writing schedule. In my experience, scheduling my writing didn’t work out for the first two years of my writing. That’s when I adopted a more general schedule that said “write this month”, “edit here”, and then “release” which has worked out very, very well. So now it’s time to take the next step, using the discipline I’ve gained, and push myself even further!

Oh, that’s right… that next step is in 2014 so right now I should focus on the end of the Library Series and the rest of The Orin Chronicles…

It’s important not to get ahead of oneself! That’s an important lesson, but the more important one is this: don’t confuse pushing yourself with meeting your ideal. If you want to reach something you have to work for it, but you can’t train for a marathon by just going out and running one. Like I’ve done with everything in my writing, I started out small and achieved something and then I pushed myself further and further. I’m not yet at my ideal state, but I’m much happier than I ever have been and I want to continue improving myself using this method.

Let’s all better ourselves! (th-that’s too much energy, Reyskaw…)

Writing Update: End of 2012 Edition

Reading through the blogs of my favorite authors is really fun. I especially enjoy being able to look at their feelings during the writing process of works that I am very familiar with and see how, despite their own uncertainties, they were able to produce an amazing work. This is similar to my own experiences, but I’m not sure if my works even compare to theirs just yet…

Anyways, 2012 is almost over and it has been a very exciting year for me. On December 30th, I will post a blog comparing my goals for 2012 with what I achieved and reflect upon them. On December 31st, I will outline my goals for 2013 and starting January 1st I will be working extremely hard in order to meet them. My goals for next year are very ambitious and my writing schedule is already packed so much that I’m thinking about the early months of 2014 already.

Another post that I’m considering doing is a financial report of 2012 that includes how many free copies were given away, how many sales in various currencies, etc. but that might be a little bit demotivating for myself when I calculate the final numbers 😀

I’ve begun experimenting a bit with promotion using Google AdWords (if you’re reading this because you clicked on such a link, hello!) and I know that whether that works out or not I’ll have to improve my marketing. I also want to be able to commission beautiful covers for my books but I’m not sure if I have the money to invest in that so I’m doing my best to work on covers that I can make myself.

Now, to update everyone on the progress of The Library Series…

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Get The Library Complex for Free Today and Tomorrow! + Writing Update

Beginning today and lasting until the end of Saturday (PST) is another free promotion for The Library Complex. You can get the book for free by visiting the product page. If you get a copy through this promotion please consider leaving a review to help others discover the book. This will be the last free promotion for a while, so don’t miss out on this chance!

Now, let’s discuss the next book in the series. Book Two of the Library Series will be announced on August 31st. The writing of the book is going well and I am very happy with the progression of the story and all of the content contained within. I can’t provide much information right now so make sure to check back in the weeks to come and on August 31st for more information.

Writing Update: Tone and Focus Edition

As The Library Series will have more than one book, I think that it is important to address the ideas of tone and focus. For The Library Series, I am writing with a certain story in mind and that will be the focus of the series as a whole. For each book in The Library Series, I will be writing a story that begins and ends. The focus and tone in each book will vary, and even the tone itself will vary a lot throughout the book. Some of this may be for intentional juxtaposition, but a lot of the time it will be to add variety to the book.

That variety is something to be enjoyed rather than a device to gain different types of readers. While I have designed the book to be designed by different types of readers, I imagine all of the readers that will like the series are of a certain kind. Now is where it gets difficult to describe what I mean as’ type’ and ‘kind’ are two words that mean the same thing. For the purpose of this post, a ‘kind’ of reader is exactly what you would imagine: a reader who enjoys certain stories. Now, each of those readers is a different ‘type’ in how they actually go about reading and experiencing the book. What I am trying to say is that the books of The Library Series are designed to be enjoyable to all the different types of readers of a specific kind.

My hope is that if you’re the type of person who would like the story of The Library Series, and the individual stories of each book, you will be able to enjoy the book for what it is. In addition to this, the expectation should not be that each book will differ only in plot, but that they will differ as books. Of course they will still retain the elements of a series, but they will be different.

This is something that is a bit difficult to describe, so I hope I have done it well. If not, the easiest way to say it is that in order to enjoy the Library Series you must take each book for what it is.

Writing Update: February 2012 W4 Edition

This week has been very productive! The last portion of writing for Academy is on schedule for completion within a few days. I worked a bit on the structure of the world and I completed 1.5 stories this week. Right now there is a lot of information contained within each story so I plan on spending some of March working on the presentation of information. Certain elements may need to be restructured in order to optimize the experience of reading Volume 1. Due to all of this, I am excited to announce the formal Academy announcement will be March 23rd. At that time the details and release date will be made known.

Once the initial writing of Academy finishes up next week, I’ll get started on the next update for Shards of Book One. I’m asking myself “what type of story should be told?”. Some of the Memories content will be included in the new edition of Book One this summer, so I can’t use those stories. Right now I’m thinking that I might include the original story concept for the Library series in this update. Still, I want to include something in addition to that…

As always, a great idea will probably come to me as soon as I hit the ‘Publish’ button for this post, so I’m going to end here and start the thinking process!


Writing Update: February 2012 W2 Edition

This week I spent some time working on the 8th story for Academy. I expect to finish the first draft of that soon, but there are a few parts I need to think on first. There’s a lot of story that can be told and I’m deciding how much of it to tell. Even if I add in all the parts it won’t get too lengthy, so I imagine by the time production on this first volume is complete, I’ll have written everything I want to for Story 8. Once that is complete, only a few more stories remain before I finish the full first draft of Volume 1!  This project has been very fun to work on so I’m going to try and use all of my energy for these final stories and create a spectacular finale.

The other task I’ve been working on this week is the name for Library: Book One. I’ve come up with a few good ideas and I think I’ve found a good direction for the future. It’s nothing all that exciting right now as Library: Book One will still remain a significant portion of the title, but I think this direction will work well for future books. That announcement is a long way in the future though, so expect to hear more during the summer.

Speaking of the Library Series, I’m also nearing completion on an update to Shards of Book One. This update will be released on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, and contain two new stories. Publishing these small stories while working on Academy is not only fun, but it also helps me to keep a clear image of the characters and world of the Library Series in my head.