Writing Update: May 2012 W4 Edition

The Library Complex (Library Series: Book One) has been officially announced on the Library Series page!

The book is now in the QA (Quality Assurance) phase where it will be read by other people. I am very excited to receive their feedback and adjust the book where it is necessary. Ideally, everything has been presented perfectly and I won’t have to adjust anything, but that might be a bit too optimistic. Once QA has progressed to a certain point, I will offer a free preview of Book One on the Libary Series page. I am hoping to have the preview ready some time during the month of June.

The title of ‘The Library Complex’ was something that I gave a lot of thought to. It made me question a lot of the book, but ultimately I realized that it cannot be anymore accurate than that. This book tells the story of The Library Complex. While the stories of the characters begin in this book, it is a series and therefore their journey is far from over. The one journey that is definitely completed by the end of the book is the one that makes the title appropriate.

Writing Update: February 2012 W1 Edition

Library: Book One Download Update: The link on the Library Series page for Book One has been updated to the “First Edition, First Revision” version released today. This release contains one typo fix and the new and improved Monument Chapter 1. This is a preview of the Second Edition release coming August 2012.

Second Edition is being slowly put together while I work on Academy (Volume 1). The majority of the edits for Second Edition will be done after the release of Academy.

Academy (Volume 1) Update: Today I’ve added an additional 300 words to one of the existing chapters. More exciting than that is that I’m preparing to write another story for Volume 1. February will be my final month of writing for Academy, so I have until midnight on February 29th to add any new story content. I’ll then dedicate March to initial editing and structuring, with the majority of April being spent doing final edits for the release.

There will be an official announcement announcing the release of Academy (Volume 1) in about a month.

2012 Goals – Expanded

After a few days of writing in 2012 I’ve decided to explain my goals a bit more and add a new one to the list. So let’s review my updated list of goals.

  • Release a free version of Academy (Volume 1) – This will be a collection of short stories (anywhere from 2000 to 8000 words) that I hope to release in the Spring. Right now I’m estimating that there will be 7 stories in this collection, but that might change once I’ve written some more. The reason that I say “free version” is that I currently have no plans to release Academy (Volume 1) commercially. Of course I did not plan to release Book One commercially either, so we’ll see what the future holds.
  • Commercial release for Library: Book One – After releasing the first edition last month, I looked back at the book and realized that I really liked how it turned out. So I began editing and I believe that by the time I am done, this will be a product worthy of being bought. While I can probably edit it in less than 7 months, I’m giving myself until August to finalize it so that I have time to start writing Book Two as well (see below). Having a good portion of Book Two written will help me greatly in how I present Book One. By doing this I hope to avoid a massive change in style that might make someone come to the conclusion that Book Two is drastically different from Book One. More on that just below.
  • Write the rough draft of Library: Book Two – With Book One written, I’ve already begun writing for Book Two. The goal here is to know enough about Book Two and the shape of the series (hopefully my own plans will be confirmed) that the commercial release of Book One will feel like it matches up with Book Two. The whole of Book One centered around the Library Complex and with that isolated story now over, I began to wonder if Book Two’s exploration of the “outside” world would make it stand out and not feel like a proper sequel. In examining this, I’ve already been able to identify the elements of a Library Series book and I can see Book One and Book Two do seem to match up at this point. So I have a lot to gain by successfully completing this goal.
  • Name Library: Book One – Yes, it already has a name. But Library: Book One isn’t very descriptive and I’d rather have the name of the book be “<TitleHere> (Library Series: Book One)”. The thing is, I also want to have this title be consistent with future titles. So if it’s one word (and what word?) then what do I name future books? And if it’s a longer title, then will that work for future books as well? The elements that make up a Library Series book will most likely give me the answer to this. But for now I’m struggling with balancing the present and the future of the series…
  • Release something new for Shards of Book One every month or two – This supplementary guide to Book One was a near last minute product after close examination of Library: Memories. The atmosphere of Shards is similar to Memories though, so in a way it’s just a smaller version of the original product. However, the Christmas 2011 story was used to set up the premise that the cast of Book One would be dealing with other holidays in the future. So every time there is a major holiday (up until a certain point in time) I want to write a story and publish it in this work. In addition to that, a few Memories stories might be included as well. With this in mind, the next release of Shards should be in February.

And there they are. These are my goals for 2012 and I’m confident that I can meet every single one of them.

Now it’s back to writing I guess…

Library: Memories Cancelled

Unfortunately after putting together all of the content for Memories, I found that most of it needed to be added to Book One itself. So there will no Memories release at this time. A future version of Memories will be prepared for next Winter once the final version of Book One is released.

Of course there is still content that I do want to release separate from Book One. So today I will be releasing the first part of a small work entitled ‘Shards of Book One’. This initial release will contain one story involving nearly all of Book One’s characters as well as Character Tips for the characters themselves. This content is approximately 3,200 words in length.

The release can be found on the Library Series page when it is completed.

Library: Book One Released!

I wasn’t originally intending on doing a midnight launch but since I’m awake, why not? The link to download the .PDF is now up on the Library page. My emotions are mostly tiredness mixed with a bit of anxiety which turns into satisfaction before turning back into anxiety. I know that when I wrote the rough draft I was very pleased with how everything turned out so I am confident about this release.

So, where do I go from here?

Library: Memories, the supplementary work to Book One, is my next project. This work will be released December 31st. After that I move onto cleaning up Book One for a commercial release in August 2012. In the meantime I’ll be working on Academy (Volume 1) and Book Two as well. So I’ve got quite a bit to do in 2012.

Anyways, enjoy the release and feel free to let me know what you think.

Writing Update: The Day Before Book One’s Release

 I’ve just finished editing the Discussion for Book One and renaming some of the chapters. The changes to the chapter names can be found below. Further down are the reasons for changing the names. Warning: The explanation for the name changes may contain slight spoilers.

Second Section

  • Chapter Two: Second Section has been renamed Initiation Sector
  • Chapter Three: Halls has been renamed Frigid Halls
  • Chapter Four: Base has been renamed The Abandoned’s Base
  • Chapter Five: April 16th, 2011 has been renamed “Morning of April 16th, 2011”

Third Section

  • Chapter One: Fate has been renamed Memory
  • Chapter Four: Middlegame has been renamed Activation
  • Chapter Five: Capture has been renamed Rescue

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Writing Update: So about those projects…

Yes, I’ve failed NaNoWriMo yet again. I got further than I did during the summer camp session though and made it to about 8,000 words. I still benefited from the experience as I’ve come up with several new story ideas. Even with those new ideas, I really don’t have the time to be working on so many projects so I had to cut NaNoWriMo in order to ensure the timely release of my other projects.

On the topic of cutting projects, I apologize for the lack of a weekly release this week. After deciding to work on Book One over NaNoWriMo (around Monday) I went into full Library Series mode and finished the rough draft. This unfortunately left no time to get an Academy release out this week. And there won’t be any time to devote to Academy this week either so that project is being put on hiatus. I will leave the link to the first story up as a preview until the next official Academy release.

As we approach December 2011 I should also mention that the remaining works I have for this year will get a formal announcement in the near future. So there’s that to look forward to. Now that I think about it… I should probably do that on Saturday. So expect it then.