Writing Update: 21 Days Until Memory Blood Edition

Yesterday I put all of the formatting for the book in place and now it looks like a proper novel. In the process of editing, the word count now sits slightly lower than it was before at 36,000 words. I think the total word count will likely end up closer to 40,000 by the time of release but this still falls short of my original goal of writing something longer than a Library Series book.

Arbitrarily extending the word count isn’t something that I’m interested in though. The announced price matches the book’s size, the story I wanted to tell has been told, and I’m very happy with what Memory Blood has become so and everything remains on schedule for release as it always has. Honesty is something that I value so I’m happy to be able to announce these things rather than disappointed that I fells short of one of my goals. The integrity of the work and the value I place upon it is high and so I’m greatly looking forward to release day.

Also, please remember, that the book will be available for free on Kindle on release day (August 15th)! Even getting a free copy will be a great display of support so I encourage everyone who is interested in doing so to do so.

The Library Complex is available for free today and tomorrow!

Today and tomorrow (August 30th-31st, PST) is your last chance to get The Library Complex for free! This promotion uses up the last of the free days given to me by the KDP Select Program. So far I have been happy with the results of the free promotion and I look forward to gaining as many new readers as possible through this upcoming promotion. To take advantage of this promotion, visit the product page or the Library Series page.

If you do get the book for free then please consider leaving a review with your honest opinions.

Get The Library Complex for Free Until Midnight (PST)

One of the major advantages of KDP Select is the ability to schedule free promotions. You can now get The Library Complex for free by visiting the product page. If you decide to get The Library Complex for free, I ask that you leave an honest review of the work in exchange. Trust between author and reader is important so having customer feedback is necessary and very much appreciated.