Writing Update: This Winter Edition

In order to make Memory Blood 2 the best novel it can be I’m pushing back the release to the first half of 2015. I spent 8 months working on Memory Blood and foolishly thought I could get the sequel out in half that time. I believe that quality comes first and so I am delaying the release of the second book by approximately four months and it should be out sometime in April 2015.

However, that doesn’t mean that something won’t be released this Winter! I’ve decided to do something fun and surprising which will be announced before Christmas and will be released just a few days after. This work will be more similar to a short novel and will be smaller in size but very, very fun. It’s fun to be spontaneous every now and then so I’m not saying anything for now but I think it will make the wait for Memory Blood 2 just a little bit easier.

I really dislike delaying works, but Memory Blood 2 is still in production! I will be actively working on the book up until its release in April and making it stronger and stronger. This means the third and fourth books in the series will also be delayed but I have no issue doing so in order to make the series as strong and enjoyable as possible. Thank you very much for your understanding! My writing habits have only improved since I  began publishing in 2012 and I’ve been getting better each year and look forward to continue improving them in the future.

Orin Chronicles Update

This months’ volume will be delayed from the 15th to the 20th for the sake of sanity. Every month until now I’ve dreaded writing The Orin Chronicles not because it was a monthly series, but because I had 15 days per month to work on it. Now that I’m no longer working on The Library Series during the latter half of each month, I have a full month to work on each Volume which means I will no longer dread writing it due to time constraints and which is why I’m freeing up my schedule a little bit this time around by pushing back the release 5 days. Subsequent volumes will continue to be released on the 15th.

To be honest, I think I’ve been lucky to get Volumes 1-5 out on time. To think of a good story that you’re engaged with and then to write and edit it so that it’s at least 16,000 words in 15 days is quite a task. The end of Volume 5 is really where I worried about running out of ideas to reach 13 volumes. I have a vague idea of what happens in all of the volumes from here on out, but a vague idea does not make a story that lasts approximately one hour. I had a little bit of extra time to think about Volume 6 due to injury and now I just need 5 more days to get Volume 7 into a good condition.

From here on out, with a full month for each Volume after 8 (with 8 having a total of 23 production days) I will have no issue with making sure I have a good story, I’m moving and developing the plot and characters properly, and when I reach 16,000 words I’ve told a good story that I’m happy with. As I said, I was lucky with Volumes 1-5 (and 6 as well) in that I told good stories, despite their flaws, in such a short span of time. Now I’ll be able to have far more confidence in and assure that the stories turn out the way I want rather than getting lucky that I came up with a good idea.

I really feel that I’ve been pushing myself as a writer this year and I’m happy with the results so far. It’s safe to say The Orin Chronicles is my biggest challenge thus far and it will continue to be up until the very last word of Volume 13.

Writing Update: Approaching the End Edition

The Library Series, on May 31st, will end. Today I announced the title, description, pricing, availability, details, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The book has started to go into QA (quality assurance) and I’ll be in the process of finishing it this month as well as releasing the delayed Volume 6 of The Orin Chronicles. I announced the delay on Twitter, but I apologize for not announcing it here as well. Due to injury, I was not able to complete Volume 6 in time for an April 15th release, so all of The Orin Chronicles has been shifted back by one month and it will resume being a monthly series on May 15th.

The Library Series, however, is properly ending. Once this book is released, there will be no more proper books in the series. Perhaps there will be more Library Series material, but not books. The adventures throughout Books 1-4 will all come to a close and the plot will be concluded. As with all previous books, Book 4 tells its own story. It has to. You can have a series where each book is the same, but that’s not the type of series I wanted to write and so I didn’t. Book 4 will be a new adventure, but it will also be the final adventure. In my mind, Book 3 concluded most of the plot in its story so Book 4 will be focusing on what remains. The characters whose stories haven’t ended, the final unfinished battles, and because of that it has a unique tone and pacing that I find to be beautiful.

I’m working very hard to make sure the beauty I see is represented in the final product. Because it is the end. I want you to see the ending as I do, because if you do then you won’t be disappointed. There will surely be people who are unsatisfied, but those who truly enjoy the Library Series should find something special in this book and that’s what I’m excited about presenting.