2013 Goals Review

*Finish The Library Series – done! This is obviously my greatest accomplishment as it involved me finishing my very first published series. Now the entirety of the Library Series is available for people to read and, best of all, it was done in a very timely manner. In January I released Book Three and then in May I released Book Four. The fourth book ended up being a little short, but I was hardly going to compromise the integrity of the story when it came to the final book. The best part of finishing my first series was getting to tell the story I had always planned while also discovering where all the characters ended up and seeing the evolution of the world of the story.

*Begin work on Series 3 – Accomplished (although technically it’s Series 4). I started thinking about what I would do for 2014 in January of this year, but changed my mind about the type of series I wanted in May. Since then it’s been non-stop character development, world development, and story development. I’ve known for a long time now what this series is and I’m very excited to reveal something about it on January 31st.

*Release an additional project – Even though two goals went unaccomplished, I still got this one in. I never explicitly said what it was, but it was always going to be The Library Series: Recreations. Writing fun extra stories in the world of The Library Series and providing some information about the development of the series is something that I always wanted to do and so what I did for that project coalesced into a strange and tiny supplement that’s definitely 100% extra material (which was my goal) that I’m pleased with.

*Continue and Conclude The Orin Chronicles – I did indeed continue for 5 more volumes, but I put the series on hold before the release of Volumes 8-13 due to personal issues. I fully intend to conclude the series, but if I had forced myself to do so this year it would have resulted in something completely sub-par and that’s something I refuse to do. I am proud that I did manage to get Volume 7 written though because it acts as a nice mid-arc finale in itself and sets up what might loosely be considered as the second half of the series.

*Release The Academy: Second Volume – I was able to write about 40% of the story this year, but I became a bit ambitious in what I was trying to do and unfortunately there was no way to scale that back. After coming back to the series it was clear there was only one direction to take it in and as a result I have to think a lot about the characters, their motivations, and the surrounding events of the book in order to provide satisfying stories for all the characters involved.

2013 was, without a doubt, an awesome year. I published a ton more content this year than in 2012 despite many personal setbacks and I’m not at all surprised I didn’t reach some of my goals. I’ll talk more about 2014 tomorrow in my 2014 goals post, but I think it’s safe to say I’m on track for my best year yet as a writer and, for the millionth time, I’m very excited about what comes next.

Writing Update: Approaching the End of the Year Edition

Only 10 days until the end of the year and I’ve still only written 25% of The Academy: Second Volume. I intend to have a release by the end of the year, but I think at this point I might do a staggered release with the first few stories debuting before the end of the year and the remaining ones being released each Friday during January until the entire thing is completed.

Naturally  this is hardly where I wanted to be, but I’m still writing so I’m happy with that. The last 1/3 of 2013 has been the start of a new journey for me and so I suppose a drop in productivity was unavoidable. How I miss the days of early 2013 when I was releasing volume after volume of The Orin Chronicles and writing the ending to The Library Series.

2014 is going to be an even better year though. I haven’t outright announced it, but for a while The Orin Chronicles page has had a note that the series will resume in 2014. Right now I think that it will be possible to release 3 volumes sometime next year while also debuting my new series which is still planned to be revealed on January 31st. Right now I think they’ll be released monthly in a row, but what those three months will be is something I haven’t decided on. And it probably doesn’t take much guessing from there to assume I’m also planning to release the final 3 volumes in 2015. Ideally I’d like to finish the series as soon as possible and not keep people waiting but then again I’m not sure anyone’s waiting at the moment.

In about a week I’ll post my full 2013 retrospective and then outline my goals for 2014 which will be structured a little differently than they were for 2013 and 2012. I’m very excited for these posts so please look forward to them.

Writing Update: March Progress Edition

Work on the fifth volume of The Orin Chronicles has been going well. I’ve just finished the final edits for the first chapter and I’m very pleased with the results and look forward to the release on Friday. Tomorrow I will most likely post the release details on this blog and the cover on the Google+ page.

I’ve got a lot to do this month, but hopefully once Volume 5 is released I will make some good progress with the final book in the Library Series. In a worst-case scenario it will reach 50% completion by the end of the month. I can’t foresee a worst-case scenario occurring so it will most likely be at least 3/4 completed which will work well with my intent to release it at the end of May.

In other news, I’m thinking a lot about the new series that I’ll be publishing in 2014. It’s too early to say anything, but I’m very conscious of it and I’m looking to use a new writing schedule when it comes time to work on it next year. Until then, I will focus on bringing the Library Series and The Orin Chronicles to a close as well as meeting all of my 2013 goals. It’s looking to be a very good year, so please stay tuned.

2013 Goals

It’s time to be ambitious.

  • Finish the Library Series – There are only two books left. Releasing on January 31st is “The Cult of Eternal Darkness (Library Series: Book Three)” and Book Four will release in the Spring. As my very first series, I am very excited to bring it to its completion. As long as I stick to the schedule I’ve used for every book thus far there should be no reason why the story of the Library Series won’t conclude before summer.
  • Continue and conclude The Orin Chronicles – This monthly series just began last month and there are 11 volumes remaining. This goal will bring me through most of the year to the release of Volume 13 in November. It’s a lot of fun and fits well into my schedule so there should be no problems here as well. Doing this will also mark the end of my second series.
  • Release The Academy: Second Volume – I’ve been looking to release one volume of The Academy series per year and December of 2013 looks like a good time to do so. This series will continue to be made available for free and will probably become a bit more eccentric as it continues on.
  • Begin work on Series 3 – While my third series won’t debut until 2014, the time to begin work on it will be in 2013 once the Library Series has concluded. I have many potential projects to pick up and I haven’t decided which one it will be yet. Don’t expect anymore information on this until 2014 itself.
  • Release an additional project – While my schedule is full from the above goals, there should be just enough time for one last “project”. I won’t talk much about it right now, but I’m looking forward to working on it later this year.

So here they are! My 5 goals for 2013. I think it’s fair to say that these are far more ambitious than my 2012 goals although I still feel as if there should be a lot more than 5. A year is a long time, right? Ah, maybe I shouldn’t try to push my schedule to its limits. It’s a lot of work, but I’m confident that I can do it. 2013, here I come (not that I have any choice because of the way physics works)!