Memory Blood – World


Infinite Worlds – There exist infinite worlds. Many are analogous to modern human society where the Internet has become widespread and integral to the lives of the next generation, but others are completely alien and strange. If there are infinite worlds, then there are infinite possibilities including things that humans couldn’t even dream of. However, these worlds might be considered rare considering how dominant humans are even within infinity. Perhaps only 1 out of 10 worlds ends up being different enough that they can be called alien.

The Corruption – Everyone instinctively knows of this concept no matter what world you go to thanks to the Memory Blood. At some point in time, it struck every world and changed something. The corruption is different from world to world, but all residents of every world will always refer to it as corruption. In some worlds it is as simple as gaining an extra-sensory ability while in other worlds it is as destructive as the appearance of an enemy army ready to burn an entire planet. One unique corruption that is based upon the individual rather than the world is known as Traveling.

Travelers – The corruption caused these people to jump from world to world. Typically, Travelers will spend 1-2 weeks in any given world before being whisked away to the next. In some cases, a Traveler can spend a longer amount of time or a shorter amount of time and sometimes the Traveler can even will themselves away to a new world prematurely. It’s certainly a difficult existence never knowing where you’ll end up, never having the appropriate currency, or even a place to stay… not many can survive such a frightening lifestyle.

Seaside City Hotel – In one world, in one city… there exists a hotel for Travelers. All Travelers, thanks to a specific technology, appear within this hotel and are made to stay there until they move on to the next world. This hotel is a luxurious place where everything is free and it’s almost too good to be true. In fact, it’s so nice that even the most hardened Travelers, scarred by their experiences, find themselves in high spirits here.


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