Memory Blood – Story


The Memory Blood changed everything for everyone, but it affected no one more than the Travelers. They were the ones forced to see all of the worlds within the corrupted pool, whether they wanted to or not, for as long as they lived.

This is a series of stories about those worlds affected by the Memory Blood and the Travelers at the core of these tales. It is also the story of the residents of those many worlds. Who these people are, what they want, and why they are living… the things they struggle with… and what they’re able to hold on to in these crazy worlds…

This is their story. No matter what happens, no matter what sort of enemies must be fought or corruptions overcome… this will always be their story. The story of the people whose worlds were corrupted and the story of the people who became corrupted themselves.

What will be found from journeying endlessly?
This is something that is surely different for everyone.
Whether it’s scary or frightening… rewarding and uplifting… or something else entirely…
It only matters because it’s so personal.

If you’d like to watch this character drama unfold and enjoy the grand plots, then I welcome you to the world of Memory Blood.


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