Memory Blood – Characters


Mara Stone – She grew up in a world similar to ’90s America. She had dreams and plans for the future that were ripped away from her when war came to her world. The war brought by the corruption sent her bouncing from world to world and saw her dreams become nothing more than an unachievable fantasy.

Now, she wanders each world trying to survive. Her emotions and thoughts are dulled as she focuses on doing everything she can to survive. What was once a struggle is simply a way of life now that she has honed her survival skills over more than a decade. Perhaps decades. Even she knows not how long she has been Traveling.

Dustin King – A 15 year old Traveler with a strange manner of speaking and strange ideas about the world. He seems mature when talking about difficult concepts, but at other times his childish ideals make him seem strangely immature.

He has a special ability to leave worlds whenever he wants so he never has much difficulty in Traveling. However, his origins are vague and he feels disconnected from the world he grew up in. Perhaps he lost his memories in exchange for this additional power.

Senator McDowell – A hero to the people of Seaside City. He’s willing to stop at nothing to ensure prosperity for the people that he looks over and that has made him incredibly popular with his constituents. It would be unsurprising if he was reelected again and again until the day he died.

As a note, in the world he exists in the position of Senator is closer to that of a Mayor. He presides over all of Seaside City and has the power to propose legislature directly to the city’s congressional center. Recently, he was able to establish a hotel for Travelers.

Baron Samuels – He gazes out of the window at the city surrounded by brown smog. The Engine Fields have made travel between towns impossible for normal people. Therefore, he has absolute power over the town.

He was made the Baron when he was awfully young due to the death of his father and has been treated like a puppet. Those who controlled him are now gone, but it seems he was unable to develop properly and still displays the emotions of a puppet despite having complete control over everything. To him, the town is more like a special kind of board game; a game that is becoming increasingly boring.

Christina Powers – She wants financial security so she has set her sights on taking over her company one day. Her recent string of promotions have led her to becoming the secretary in one of the more important departments, but her progress has been stalled for a while.

Because of her unique trait, she was able to get this far. But now she is hitting the limit of what that unique trait can do. As climbing the corporate ladder becomes increasingly difficult, she fantasizes about the insane prize money of an upcoming tournament.

Charles M. Sett – A world-renowned mecha pilot. There’s no one better than him and no one has ever stood much of a chance of defeating him. He’ll compete with his famous fighting mech, RED, in an upcoming tournament and he’ll win because no challenger can win against him.

When people are so powerful that they can never lose… that’s boring. But when there’s an explanation, a reason a person can never be defeated… that reason can be intriguing.

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