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April 15th, 2011. Cara’s school field trip leads to a journey beyond the point of no return. Cara, John, Martha, Tracy, and Adam will descend into The Library Complex and their lives will be changed forever. As they begin to discover the secrets of The Library Complex, natural and supernatural forces will collide and the fate of all will change.

The Library Series begins in the year 2011 in a fictional world similar to ours. Each book in the Library Series tells a complete story and advances the overarching story of the series.

The Library Complex Web Novel

The first book in the series, The Library Complex, is now complete. A new chapter from the second book will be released every Friday.

Chapter 1: Class Trip
Chapter 2: The Library
Chapter 3: The Group’s Mission
Chapter 4: Monument Discussion
Chapter 5: Initiation Sector
Chapter 6: Frigid Halls
Chapter 7: The Abandoned’s Base
Chapter 8: A Moment’s Rest
Chapter 9: “Morning of April 16th, 2011”
Chapter 10: Escape
Chapter 11: Abandoned Discussion
Chapter 12: Memory
Chapter 13: Pawns
Chapter 14: Advance
Chapter 15: Activation
Chapter 16: Rescue
Chapter 17: Monument’s Truth
Chapter 18: Biogrove Discussion
Chapter 19: Consequences
Chapter 20: Rebel and Chapter 21: The Flame
Chapter 22: Arcane Discussion I and Chapter 23: Arcane Discussion II
Chapter 24: Epilogue

The Weapon of The Kara Web Novel

Chapter 1: April 17th, 2011

Main Series

The Library Complex (Book One) [Kindle]  [Preview Version]
The Weapon of The Kara (Book Two) [Kindle]
The Cult of Eternal Darkness (Book Three) [Kindle]
The Collapsing of Infinity (Book Four) [Kindle]


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