The Library Complex 5 Year Anniversary!

Five years ago, I first published The Library Complex on Kindle and began my journey as a self-published author. It makes me truly happy that five years later I’ve been able to update my first story and make it available for free to everyone.

The second book in The Library Series is currently being released weekly and I can announce this will continue with Books 3 and 4 as well. The entirety of The Library Series will be updated and made available for free, forever, on this site!

Updating these books has been a challenge as I balance fixing grammar and typos with changing content. It’s very important to me to not alter or damage the original spirit of these works, so I’ve let a few questionable lines of dialogue and description remain while only changing those that decreased the experience of the story for the reader.

After changing a certain number of things, these stories will no longer be the same stories so I’ve been very careful to change as little as possible and only stick to what is strictly necessary. This means there won’t be any new chapters or characters or sub-plots being added. If I were ever to do such a thing, I would release that new story as a separate product separate from this one.

For now, the version on Kindle is not the edited version available here on the site but once Memory Blood Saga is finished I’ll update that version as well.

I hope you’re all enjoying the story as the chapters release weekly and I hope you’ll continue on through the rest of the series until the last chapter of Book 4. Whether you’ve read just one chapter or all of them, thank you for your support and for taking the time to give my stories a try.

As a last note, the character of Reyskaw in The Library Series and the author Reyskaw writing this post are not the same person. We’re completely different people! My greatest worry is people confusing that or thinking he’s my ideal self in literary form, but we really don’t have anything to do with one another at all…

One day, when the origin of the name RMV is revealed, I hope readers will understand and say “so that’s why the name is what it is”, but that might be a long way off.


Writing Update: May 2017 Edition

Last week, I became inspired by the idea of releasing the rest of The Library Complex on one day for an exciting fast-paced finale. And so that’s what I did. With Book One now concluded, I’m sure you can guess what will begin this week.

Book Two: The Weapon of The Kara begins weekly serialization this Friday!

Then, on the 31st, Shadow Puppet Mysteries 3 will be released.

I’m still diligently working on Cronus Collection as well. The story is hovering around 40,000 words right now which makes it about as long as most of my books, but there are still many months to go so I anticipate ending up at about 60,000 words before all is said and done. I would like to write as much as possible, but my current feeling is that the story will be concluded around there. As time goes on, I’ll be able to provide a more accurate estimate of the size of the book.


Writing Update: Upcoming Announcements Edition

Hello, everyone! Have you been enjoying the updated chapters of The Library Complex every week? I’ve been enjoying updating my very first novel immensely and I hope you’re looking forward to the story’s development.

That’s why, this Friday, two chapters will be published! Together, these chapters bring an end to Second Section: Abandoned which means Third Section will begin next week. The first chapter will be available in the morning and the second later that night just before the day has ended. Please look forward to it!

Regarding my other works, there will be several announcements to be made on April 10th. I think it’s good to save up my progress for a little while and then reveal a bunch of exciting news all at once, so if you’re interested in Shadow Puppet Mysteries and Cronus Collection then make sure to be here on April 10th to find out more about them.

This year my work has been progressing relatively smoothly so I look forward to delivering the best stories I can while The Library Complex unfolds once more chapter by chapter.

Cronus Collection has presented me with many new challenges, but the first quarter or so of the book is written so things are on schedule. In some ways, no matter how much I work, Cronus Collection won’t exist until it is published. The final version is what matters most, so I’m also looking forward to reading that story.

Writing Update: 2017 Is Here! Edition

In terms of writing, 2017 has already been off to a great start.

Shadow Puppet Mysteries 2’s editing stage has proceeded incredibly smoothly. Despite troubling over the plot for a month, new elements were weaved into the story seamlessly and within just a couple of days I completed the last major revision to the story. There will be another editing pass, but the story is now at the point where I can guarantee a release on the 25th of this month!

I think Shadow Puppet Mysteries 3 and 4 will be delivered in May and October respectively, with the last three parts releasing in 2018. This rough schedule is subject to change, but the design of Shadow Puppet Mysteries 3 is already underway.

Cronus Collection has been hovering around 20k words for a while now, but I’ve been refining chapters and my overall design for the book and I’m excited to continue writing for it throughout the year. If the main plot is completed before the fall, then I’ll have no issue meeting the December release date.

Before Shadow Puppet Mysteries 2, there’s the revived and revamped Library Series Web Novel project to look forward to! Starting from January 20th, one updated chapter will be released each week.

Let’s keep this momentum going and make 2017 a great year!

2016 Goals Review

Another year has come to an end. 2016 was a little crazy, but I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so let’s take a look back at my goals from the beginning of last year.

  • Release Memory Blood 4 – Completed! Memory Blood Castle brought an end to the story that began in the first Memory Blood book and was my largest novel to date. While 50,000 words still isn’t a lot, the quality is something that I’m very pleased with and it and it’s paved the way for more books in the RMV Universe in the future such as Cronus Collection.
  • Release Creswood 3 – This was my first project for 2016 and it was completed successfully. Now I can say that I’ve published a mystery series and using what I’ve learned from Creswood I’ll be putting into Shadow Puppet Mysteries.
  • Planning RMV Mysteries #2 – This was finished about halfway into the year. The concept for Shadow Puppet Mysteries started development in January and by June I finished establishing the major components of the series and further refined these components before the release of Part 1 in October.
  • Release more additional stories – I completed this goal as well with releasing several new Alpha Fragments. Rather than limiting my ideas to novels, I greatly enjoyed exploring certain elements of the world and revealing new characters through free flash fiction stories.

Naturally, I’m more than pleased to say I accomplished all of my goals for 2016! This year was focused on writing and I wrote and published the best stories I’ve told thus far. Come back tomorrow to see my goals for 2017 and get an idea of what new content will debut over the next 12 months.

Thanks for all of your support thus far~

Writing Update: December 2016 Mega Update

Ahead of my usual Year End wrap-up and goals posts, I’d like to provide an update on all of my current projects.

Cronus Collection – Writing is going well and I have about 18,000 words in my current draft. Most of the material here has already been edited a bit, so I don’t think much will be excluded from the final version coming at the end of 2017. Later this week, I’ll be writing a little bit about the protagonist Leo Ranatas. While the story is the story of a city and has many different main characters from chapter to chapter, Leo’s story will span the entire novel.

Shadow Puppet Mysteries 2 – The scenario for Part 2 was completed some time ago, but I’d like to add more and refine what I’ve written. To be safe, I’m announcing the release date as January 31st, 2017 with the option of launching a little earlier if I’m happy with it before then.

The Library Series – For a few years now, I’ve expressed my desire to update The Library Series. However, working on new projects is important to continuously provide my fans with new content and making it my sole focus would just delay new adventures. At the same time, my first series does need some work as it’s the very first thing I published and I know exactly how to fix it to elevate it to my current standards so…

Next year begins The Library Series Web Novel Project! Starting late January, a new updated chapter from The Library Complex will be released every week! When this work is finished, the book on Kindle will be updated to the new 2017 version. Please look forward to returning to the world of The Library Series with refinements!

Memory Blood Saga – Unfortunately, this is the project that is going to be delayed further. Having just finished the series, the need for a full collection isn’t that high. I still want to fix up the small errors in the text and update all the digital books with the launch of the print book, but for now Memory Blood Saga is being pushed back to mid-2017. Please accept my apologies once more.

Writing Update: 2017 Project Plans

The logo for my next book is now in production! While it won’t be released for over a year, now is a good time to begin talking about my plans to fill the space between then and now.

RMV Mysteries 2 begins this October, and new entries in the series will be published every few months, but RMV Mysteries is unrelated to the world of my next book. The stage of the continent of Zekkyn is vast and waiting to be explored. Through Alpha Fragments and other blog posts, I plan to offer glimpses into that world ahead of its debut at the end of next year.

During the initial stages of writing it’s important to leave room for new and better ideas and to not arbitrarily commit to plot points. Therefore, the plot of my 2017 book is still in flux even though many elements have been decided for close to a year now. New concepts and features of the world that feature in the book won’t be discussed until later when they’ve been established as fact, but elements like the Existence Scholars and the Order of the Black Flame can be explored further without fear of contradicting new information or writing something that ends up being cut during the writing process.

I believe that once something is written it’s established as fact, so I wish to be very careful with what I say or reveal. Using my judgment and what I’ve learned about writing over these past few years, I will do my best to release new information here and there that I can guarantee will be accurate. Once the logo has been revealed, which will also reveal the title, please look forward to these kinds of updates.

While it was difficult to speak about Memory Blood Castle, as it was the last entry in the series, this is a brand new work and so I can speak more about the development process as well. Please also look forward to more Writing Updates in general and the title and logo very soon!

RMV Mysteries Thoughts

The structure of Creswood Mysteries is something that I’ve previously said that I am very proud of. Originally,  the concept for Creswood was to create my largest series to date. It was because of the delay with Memory Blood 2 at the end of 2014 that I wondered if it might be more fun to release it as a quick short story. In doing so, I discovered my preferred style for writing and serializing mysteries.

In the future, I think the RMV Mysteries series will continue like this. Right now I’m thinking of the plot for RMV Mysteries #2 which you can think of as a spiritual successor to Creswood taking place in a new location with a new cast of characters.

Today I’d like to take a little time to discuss my ideas for the future and to reflect on what I’ve done so far.

With Creswood, the mysteries were never too difficult. The goal for the first part was to create something that was solvable with all the clues presented. The detectives were a little too efficient in their investigation though and ended up leaving many of the misleads and traps ineffective by the end of the story. With those out of the way, the path to the truth became far easier to traverse.

Due to this, I gave out the identity of the culprit in the sequel, Creswood Fantasies, and left only one core mystery remaining in the finale Creswood Illusions. While giving away so many answers wasn’t the original intention, I’m very pleased with how the story developed and I wouldn’t change it one bit.

As a natural reaction to that, I would like RMV Mysteries #2 to swing in the opposite direction and be more mysterious and more difficult.

The advantage to releasing these stories in the current format is that I can make them available for free. And if they’re available for free, I can make the difficulty any level that I desire. The stories will still be fair and solvable, but the challenge can potentially reach insane levels of difficulty without making readers feel like they’ve wasted their money on something unsolvable.

As always the mystery will be solvable and by the end the difficulty will be reasonable, but who knows what challenges may appear during the journey to that point…

The title and the premise for RMV Mysteries #2 have already been decided. The core plot is being developed and when that’s finished I can begin revealing the details and when you can expect to read it.

Updated Announcements Calendar

The end of the writing for Memory Blood Castle is near and so I now have a better idea of when I can speak about certain things. You’ll find that, rather than delays, the calendar has been updated with many new things!

May 15th – World of Velorus Part 3 released

June 15th – The Future of RMV Mysteries post
Memory Blood 4 pre-orders begin

July 15th – Next project announcement. Find out what’s coming after Memory Blood concludes!

August 15th – Alpha Fragments clean-up project

September 15th – New Alpha Fragment

October 15th – Something in the shadows…





Announcements Calendar

I’m happy to report that work on Memory Blood 4 has been progressing extremely well. As such, I’ll be able to reveal more about the story soon as well as release additional content. Listed below is what you can expect to see on the blog in the coming months.

April 15th – Memory Blood 4 related Alpha Fragment released

May 15th – World of Velorus Part 3 released

June 15th – Memory Blood 4 pre-order info

July 15th – Next project announcement. Find out what’s coming after Memory Blood concludes!