The Weapon of The Kara (Web Novel) Chapter 4

Chapter Four: The Alpha Academy

John look out of the car window as they drove past the gates and into the Alpha Academy. Unlike the Library Complex, which had been hidden underground, the Alpha Academy was a series of large mansions in the middle of a private estate. John didn’t know anything about the place, so he wondered if this was a private school for the wealthy that didn’t need to be hidden.

The car pulled up to the gates and two Alpha Group members opened the door for John. They led him up the path, decorated with beautiful flower gardens, to the large central mansion. They unlocked the door and gestured for John to walk inside. He did so and the two Alpha Group members closed and locked the door, leaving him alone inside.

John knew that he wasn’t truly alone and suspected that someone would arrive shortly to explain his new living arrangements. He sat down on a bench in the lavish foyer of the main building while waiting for this to occur.

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The Weapon of The Kara (Web Novel) Chapter 3

Chapter Three: Communications

“You’ll be transferred somewhere more comfortable in a few hours, so I want to talk to you now while I have the chance,” James Radcliffe said.

This leader of the Alpha Group was sitting in a small conference room with John. After the events in the Arcane Sphere, Radcliffe had personally escorted John out of the Arcane Sphere through a different exit. John soon learned there was another Alpha Group facility connected to the sphere opposite the one they had abandoned previously.

John had willingly followed Radcliffe, but when he was informed that he would not be returning to Greyville he tried to fight back and escape. And that was why he was now handcuffed to the table.

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