Writing Update: June W1 Edition

This time it’s another Q&A format!

Q: How has Memory Blood progressed in the past week?

For this month, the book is in the QA phase so I’m not looking at it actively. Instead I’m doing things like creating the cover, writing the release information, and deciding what will happen in Memory Blood 2. I’ll return to actively working on Memory Blood in July as I adjust it according to feedback and prepare it for release.

Q: When will the release date and other information be published?

This information will be available during the first week of July. At that time you’ll know the release date, price, cover, and summary.

Q: Any progress on The Orin Chronicles or The Academy Series?

Not just yet. Some new content might still appear at the end of the year, but I wouldn’t expect any of these two series to end before 2015.

Q: Will Memory Blood be exclusive to Kindle?

A: Yes. The current plan is for Memory Blood to be enrolled in KDP Select and made exclusive for 3 months. As a result of this, there will be a free promotion to celebrate the launch of the book. More details will be announced at a later date.

Q: When will all of your books become available on Nook and Kobo?

A: Right now there isn’t much interest in these platforms, but the first books in The Orin Chronicles and The Library Series are available. If interest in these books, and any others currently available, increases then I’ll upload the remaining books. Or, if anyone specifically requests a book to become available by contacting me, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Q: Any secret projects being developed?

Not right now. I’d like to do something extra for Winter in addition to releasing Memory Blood 2, but nothing is in development currently.

Writing Update: The Wind Shifts Direction Edition

The Orin Chronicles is being put on indefinite hold, effective immediately. While it disappoints me to not be able to achieve one of my goals for 2013, circumstances have changed and have made working on a monthly series rather difficult. My writing has had no meaningful financial impact on my life and so I’m going to be doing other work to support myself. While I’ve never written full time, circumstances have changed that make writing The Orin Chronicles a stress rather than a pleasure.

This is not the end of my writing career, but things will be a bit slower for the forseeable future. The Library Series: Recreations is a very small project so that will still release on time and The Academy: Second Volume will be able to take shape now that I am no longer working on The Orin Chronicles. My new series will also debut next year and follow the upcoming exciting changes to my writing schedule that I’ve been working on the details of for a while now.

The thing that really went wrong with The Orin Chronicles was all of the promises that I made. Setting a 16,000 word minimum and promising a new volume every month didn’t seem like a big deal because it worked well for the first five volumes. But it was also promised to be a 13 volume series and so 8 volumes remained. Volume 6 was delayed because of injury, Volume 7 took longer than expected, and now Volume 8 just isn’t forming properly. From here on out there won’t be time to finish Volumes 8-13 and get them released by the end of the year and so I’m making the difficult decision to put all of it on hold and pursue less demanding projects that I know I can release.

When I set out as an author, I never wanted to disappoint my fans. On principle, I don’t like this decision but the reality is also that I don’t have many fans to disappoint so if The Orin Chronicles needs to be put on hold then there’s nothing stopping me from doing so. In the future if you are reading this post as a fan of my works, please see this announcement for what it is and try not to hold it against me.

I want to do my best as an author and so I’m making this decision so that I don’t have to quit writing. What my future holds is unknown, but I’m too excited about it to regret it. Please look forward to Recreations before the summer ends and The Academy: Second Volume towards the end of the year. For 2014 I don’t think I’ll be able to finish The Orin Chronicles, but I may be able to release a few more volumes in the meantime so please stay tuned for more details.

Writing Update: Mid July 2013 Edition

4 AM. It’s fun to be up this late, but I value waking early in the morning more so these long nights will soon be coming to an end. Before I can go to sleep, I’m going to use this opportunity to finally write another blog post and update everyone on a variety of things.

The Orin Chronicles will have its eighth volume released late this month on Kindle with Volumes 4 and 5 coming on Nook and Kobo very soon.

The Library Series: Recreations will enter the production phase very soon. I’m going to make final decisions on it very soon and then writing will begin when I’m not working on The Orin Chronicles. It won’t be very long, but it will still be releasing late in the summer because The Orin Chronicles has a higher priority. In Library Series news in general, the first book will be debuting on Nook and Kobo this month as well.

Planning and ideas for my 2014 series also continue along nicely. I’ve had lots of healthy debates and questions about my ideas with myself and by the time I start officially writing next year I’m confident it will be in a fantastic condition. I’ve never had a planning phase for a project that has lasted more than a few weeks so I’m really enjoying having many months to think about what I want to do next. I’ll keep mentioning this project throughout the year, but don’t expect any details during 2013. When and how I’m going to introduce readers to this series is a topic for next year, not this one. But as this is my blog it’s important to record my mental state and details about my thinking process.

Also, I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately and reading visual novels I’ve already read before so there hasn’t been much progress on my ‘VN Progress List’ but this will almost certainly change towards the end of next month.

Orin Chronicles Update 2

As the release date for Vol. 7 of The Orin Chronicles has now passed, it has become obvious that this volume has been delayed once more. Currently, I am anticipating a release by the 25th of the month and this will have an impact on future volumes as well. From here on out, volumes will be released towards the end of the month when they are ready. The days of the “adventure of the week” format have not come to an end, but each successive volume now incorporates more and more of the mythology which means I have a lot of decisions to make.

As an apology for this second delay, let me give some brief hints as to what is coming beginning with Volume 7: Anniversary.

Vol. 7 – This volume not only sets the tone for the remainder of the story, but it features a new recurring villain as well.

Vol. 8 – History that has been hinted at and briefly discussed for 7 volumes now will finally be revealed.

Vol. 9 – Putting more ‘Orin’ in The Orin Chronicles than ever before.

Vol. 10 – A spiritual sequel to a previous volume.

Vol. 11 – Time magic.

What occurs in Volumes 12 and 13 I’m not ready to talk about just yet, but I think it’s easy to guess the broad plot direction for at least one of them. I know these tidbits don’t make up for the delay in the release, but I hope it makes you excited for the future of the series and allows you to understand why it’s critical that I take my time with things from here on out.



Writing Update: Library Series End + Everything Edition

Today marks the launch of “The Collapsing of Infinity”, the fourth and final book in the Library Series. Information about the history of the series can be found throughout this blog and I expressed my emotions within the Author’s Note at the end of the book so I want to discuss a different topic here: what I’ve learned from the Library Series. To begin with, I learned a lot of practical things like how to publish on Kindle and use KDP Select as well as the format required for using Word or OpenOffice. In terms of writing the book, I learned a lot about planning. Once I finished “The Library Complex” I had a lot of ideas for the remaining books and outlined those ideas so I’d know where I was heading. For “The Weapon of The Kara” I didn’t want to reveal the answers to the big mysteries so it was easy to come up with an adventure that expanded upon what I had done in the first book, but for “The Cult of Eternal Darkness” I needed to tie all of the answers into a narrative that would make sense. I left the seeds for this plot at the end of Book Two and thanks to that I limited the infinite possibilities I had and was able to create something I genuinely pleased with. In that sense, it was probably the most difficult writing Book Three, however there’s also the challenge of the last book.

(This post will be a long one so please click through to the rest!)

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Writing Update: Finishing Volume 4 Edition

Today is the day that I have to submit Druid (The Orin Chronicles: Volume 4) to get it released on time. For anyone who’s interested, here is a breakdown of how I release a new volume of The Orin Chronicles every month.

At the beginning of every month I begin the writing for the new volume. Usually I only have a few vague ideas of the story I want to tell. The initial writing isn’t too difficult and within 8-10 days I’ve finished the first draft (12k-14k words). As the writing progresses I add new information to my top secret document that contains the secrets of the world of The Orin Chronicles as well as the history of what is happening and when. With only 3 volumes published so far I don’t usually run into lore issues, but with Volume 4 I found myself checking this document a lot more. Ending up with a plothole is something I very much do not want to do so I take this research seriously.

With the remaining days, usually 3-5, I then read through the story and edit as I go along. During this stage I go through and make sure the reading experience is pleasant and that the characters are developing and saying something about themselves. I also make sure to fill in any missed opportunities in the plot and this brings me up to the 16,000 words. The Glossary also gets written during this time and at the very end I write the Author’s Note, spell check, and then upload to Kindle.

Of course, with such a quick development period, there’s also tons of doubt. I’m always happy when I send it off for publishing, but that’s not enough to escape the doubt. I haven’t read Volume 1 since it was released and I don’t remember it entirely so I think “what if Volume 1 isn’t so great and people don’t become interested in the series?”. That’s one of the advantages to writing this type of story: the reader can jump in at many different points. With The Library Series, full-length books, I’m very careful and I’m a little less careful with The Orin Chronicles by design. I’ve watched many great TV series that have some sub-par episodes, but does that make me hate the series? No. I’m grateful that the large amount of content is being delivered to me quickly and I know most of the episodes are really good.

So, that’s what The Orin Chronicles is right now. A 13 volume monthly series with a new adventure each time (thus far) with a larger plot developing in the background. Even I don’t know exactly what will happen as we approach Volume 13, so I’m happy to continue writing this series and trying my best with it.

Writing Update: Building A World Edition

While “The Cult of Eternal Darkness (Library Series: Book Three)” is in the QA phase, I am working on the writing for the third volume in The Orin Chronicles series. I’ve written no more than 35,000 words of the story so far and I’ve already found myself with pages of lore notes. As I write the third volume, I have become increasingly interested in shaping the world and determining where I want this series to go.

The Orin Chronicles was designed with a certain goal in mind and, while I intend to stay true to that goal, a goal is only the beginning. It is from this goal that the characters and the world and the story of the series arises. In order to provide a good experience, there needs to be a certain amount of direction. Even if it’s a new adventure every week (which is a lot of fun) it eventually has to tie together in Volume 13.

At the moment I’m thinking about how that will happen and I’m roughly planning the volumes that occur beforehand. With each new volume that plan is likely change, but it will be evolving rather than changing randomly. Gram and Selena, two of the Knights from Volume 2, are very important characters that I didn’t know at all during the writing of Volume 1. Now that they exist, the events of the story have changed.

So I’ll plan the journey from here to Volume 13 and with each new volume from here to Volume 11 or so, that plan will continue to evolve. I truly don’t know how the series will end, unlike what I did with the Library Series, so I’m a little concerned. Even so, I’m confident that the ending will be satisfying because of the investment I have in the series. Even though it is a fun series where I get to write something new every month, it’s more than just that. It’s something I take very seriously and so I’ll probably spend the rest of today troubling myself over the series as a whole and its long term future which I will now discuss.

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Writing Update: End of 2012 Works Edition

Alright, I was expecting “The Weapon of The Kara (Library Series: Book Two)” to be my last work of 2012, but that turned out to not be true when I was inspired to revive The Orin Chronicles as a monthly series. Now, having published two books in the Library Series and two volumes of The Orin Chronicles, I am incredibly satisfied with my work so far and I greatly look forward to the future.

Writing really is one of my favorite activities and while supporting myself with an author career is still a dream, it feels amazing to have a total of five works now available. I desperately want to talk about my plans for 2013, but I’ve decided to save that for a New Year’s Day post after a December 31st post reflecting on 2012 so I must stop myself from talking now.

Really, this post is a memorial to what I’ve done and something that I know I’ll enjoy looking back on. These moments, of absolute inspiration, have become more and more frequent since I started my journey in publishing and it’s impossible to capture that feeling, but the moment can be recorded. I hope that everyone who reads this has the opportunity to explore their passions and feel this same joy. Maybe I’m not skilled enough to convey it in my works right now, but one day I hope people can read my books and feel truly satisfied with their experience and inspired to pursue their own dreams.


Writing Update: Finals End Edition

Could it be… are finals already over? It’s only been 10 days since my last blog post, but quite a lot has happened. In terms of writing, Visitors (Orin Chronicles: Volume 2) has been fully written and is now being edited for release on December 15th.

From Volume 1, the story has the potential to go in many directions and I think Volume 2 will help to define where it’s going. If you’ve read my blog posts then you know The Orin Chronicles features a new adventure every week, but if you’re the average reader then you need the story to tell you that. Volume 2 stays connected to the story while exploring new things and I hope that will be appreciated.

Unlike The Library Series, I don’t really know much about the future of The Orin Chronicles. If you asked me what will happen in Volume 3 I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer that you couldn’t already figure out for yourself. It’s really fun to be able to do something completely new every 15 days while slowly developing the story instead of going all out with the plot (this is why the Library Series books are so short at ~42k words). I think that by the end of these 13 volumes I’ll have a better idea at how to write longer and more complicated stories.