The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 12

Third Section: Biogrove

Chapter Twelve: Memory

Cara and her friends now stood in front of a great blast door. Without any notice, the two halves of the barrier began to retract and the path forward was now being revealed. It hadn’t opened much yet, but Cara could see part of the Third Section’s rock walls. As their path slowly opened, it became obvious that they were about to enter some sort of natural cavern. The floor they were standing on ended just past the blast door and a more narrow metallic pathway led into the cave. Small lights on the side of the path illuminated the way forward.

Cara led her friends forward, but they all walked closely together. After the path began curving through the cave, they realized just how weak those small lights were. The feeling of being in those dark caves was frightening, but the air was slightly warmer than the frigid Abandoned sector.

The warmth reminded Cara of their brief time on the surface outside the library. Which in turn quickly reminded her that just because it appeared that they were safe, that didn’t necessarily mean that they were. Even if the natural surroundings relaxed her, she kept her guard up in this unknown territory.

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