Alpha Fragments

The Alpha Fragments are short pieces of fiction scattered across the blog. On this page, you’ll find links to the Alpha Fragments and Examiner’s Notes providing additional clarity on their contents.

001: A Small Storm…
*This Alpha Fragment establishes the existence of different worlds featuring familiar names for both characters and locations. The significance of this is not yet known.

002: Letter
*This is a world similar to the one featured in The Orin Chronicles where the elements have a stronger presence. While all worlds feature mana, in worlds like these the mana is primarily colored by one element.

Some Alpha Fragments are simply flash fiction while others address important topics spanning the world being recorded by RMV.

003: Archaeological Discovery
*Significance unknown, but likely refers to a specific world. May also refer to the three names Reyskaw, Marcosius, and Velorus inherited by a certain author.

004: Emperor
*Similar to Fragments 1 and 2.

005: What are these Alpha Fragments?
*Contains both speculation and fact about the nature of the Alpha Fragments. There is likely more to be learned as well as clarified.

006: Isolated Observatory
*Related to The Library Series.

007: The Master Timeline
*A significant Alpha Fragment that offers clarity on a variety of matters.

008: The Black Flames
*Offers information regarding the Black Flames capable of traversing worlds with little effort.

009: World of Velorus (Part 2) (Part 3)
*The debut of the character named Velorus. Gathers several mysteries in one place.

010: Arata’raya
*Dustin King returns to a previously visited world between the events of Memory Blood Discord and Memory Blood Castle.

011: Viper Investigations
*A weak link between Creswood Mysteries and Shadow Puppet Mysteries.