Academy Series

The Academy: First Volume

Release Date: April 27th, 2012
Format: PDF
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“The Academy was a wonderful place and crucial to the existence of our world. The people there were brought together by strange circumstances, but the bond between them saved us all. The Academy existed above the Earth, for the purpose of helping humans. I write this record in the final moments of my life. I invite you to come back with me, through the memories of past events, to explore The Academy and the world it existed in. I will begin with the story of how I arrived at that place and I will end with the story of my death.” -Ryan

This short story collection explores the Earth and the worlds that transcend it. The Academy serves to aid humanity, but it is plagued by a dark being. Can this dark being be defeated by a seemingly ordinary human?

Several narrative threads connect some of the stories while others remain completely independent. The only thing that can be certain is that all these stories take place in the same world at one time or another. This work is designed to be enjoyed in a great many ways.

The First Volume contains 14 stories, totaling over 40,000 words, a note from the author, and supplementary materials (Character and World Tips).

Character Bios

Ryan: He’s a typical high school student and fairly popular. He enjoys playing sports for fun in the afternoon and video games at night. He does well in school.

Unfortunately, all is not perfect in Ryan’s life. A disaster will soon occur that will set him off on a path that he could never have imagined. That is, the path to The Academy.

Annabelle: She is a Counselor at The Academy. She uses her power to help those in need and she greatly enjoys her work. She lives with her mother, the Headmistress of The Academy.

For the majority of her life none have lived in The Academy other than her mother and herself. A certain event will lead to an additional role in The Academy that will put her life in danger. She is a counselor, but she will fight out of necessity.

Headmistress Gaia:  She is the Headmistress of The Academy. Her goal is to help humanity using the powers of The Academy and its staff members. She identifies her ability as knowledge. However, as the first resident of The Academy she was able to create  a new ability by giving birth to a daughter, Annabelle.

She and Annabelle can be considered to be the first two staff members of The Academy. As the Headmistress it is her desire to fill The Academy with many staff members.

Director Stead: He is an employee of the Archaeological Society. He spends much of his time traveling and searching through ancient ruins and commanding dig sites. He collects powerful Artifacts for The Academy even though he is not an official staff member and does not have any special ability.

In the past he made a bad choice which led to a meeting with Annabelle. As thanks for this he helps The Academy at the risk of losing his position within the Archaeological Society.

Charite: A young director and playwright. His name is pronounced ‘ka-write’. He was employed by The Academy in order to make use of their Theater to provide entertainment. He is one of the rare humans who has developed an ability and his ability can only be described vaguely as creativity.

Some might speculate that his ability arose because of that Academy-related incident in his past.

Sophie: This girl is currently a Sophomore in High School. She enjoys drawing, painting, and expressing herself through physical artwork. While far from an avid reader, she greatly enjoys a certain book.

She does not have much faith in her talent as an artist, but she is generally content. She has one true best friend and, unlike some other students, she is in no rush to go off to college and start a new life. Does she even need the help of The Academy?