The Library Complex 5 Year Anniversary!

Five years ago, I first published The Library Complex on Kindle and began my journey as a self-published author. It makes me truly happy that five years later I’ve been able to update my first story and make it available for free to everyone.

The second book in The Library Series is currently being released weekly and I can announce this will continue with Books 3 and 4 as well. The entirety of The Library Series will be updated and made available for free, forever, on this site!

Updating these books has been a challenge as I balance fixing grammar and typos with changing content. It’s very important to me to not alter or damage the original spirit of these works, so I’ve let a few questionable lines of dialogue and description remain while only changing those that decreased the experience of the story for the reader.

After changing a certain number of things, these stories will no longer be the same stories so I’ve been very careful to change as little as possible and only stick to what is strictly necessary. This means there won’t be any new chapters or characters or sub-plots being added. If I were ever to do such a thing, I would release that new story as a separate product separate from this one.

For now, the version on Kindle is not the edited version available here on the site but once Memory Blood Saga is finished I’ll update that version as well.

I hope you’re all enjoying the story as the chapters release weekly and I hope you’ll continue on through the rest of the series until the last chapter of Book 4. Whether you’ve read just one chapter or all of them, thank you for your support and for taking the time to give my stories a try.

As a last note, the character of Reyskaw in The Library Series and the author Reyskaw writing this post are not the same person. We’re completely different people! My greatest worry is people confusing that or thinking he’s my ideal self in literary form, but we really don’t have anything to do with one another at all…

One day, when the origin of the name RMV is revealed, I hope readers will understand and say “so that’s why the name is what it is”, but that might be a long way off.