The Weapon of The Kara (Web Novel) Chapter 6

April 19th, 2011

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Chapter Six: Inability

“I don’t like this at all,” Nero said.

“The feeling is mutual,” said Reyskaw.

The two of them had just watched the events in The Kara where Cara had been kidnapped and the events in The Universe where John had arrived at the Alpha Academy.

“We need to do something, but there’s nothing we can do,” said Nero. “Cara has been kidnapped, but we have no way of getting to that world. And John has been captured by the Alpha Group in this world and Acrotorus showed up and…”

The amount of information they were receiving from both worlds was overwhelming and Nero couldn’t properly make sense of it. Things hadn’t calmed down for even one full day after what had transpired in the Library Complex. Strange events were continuing in the Great Library, The Universe, and the new world of The Kara.

“What if there’s a way for us to help?” Reyskaw suggested.

“Did you notice something?”

“Yes. When John was talking to James Radcliffe in that other facility.”

“That facility is also connected to the Arcane Sphere. That means we can travel there, but what about the Alpha Group? I don’t think they’ll respond well to our presence there.”

“You’re right about that,” Reyskaw said. “It might be wiser for us to continue to watch and not act for now.”

“Why do you say that?” Nero asked.

“Because of the danger posed by the Alpha Group’s presence, it might be best to visit their facilities as a last resort. I don’t think they’ll let us come and go as we please, so once we enter that facility there might be no going back.”

“I agree, but isn’t there a sense of urgency? Cara has just been kidnapped. She’s of interest to James Radcliffe, so I imagine he’ll help us to save her.”

“That occurred to me as well, but I’m not certain this Cara is of great interest to him. The Cara from The Universe was capable of being activated by Program Blue and she was able to use the power of the Flame. There’s no evidence that the Cara from The Kara has the same potential or special traits that would make Radcliffe interested in helping us save her.”

“I see what you mean,” Nero said. “Still, there must be something we can do besides watching. If we search for Diana and tell her what happened then she might come back.”

“There’s no point in troubling her. Diana will return eventually. She is a defiant person, but she is also more than capable of rational thought. I was impressed by her ability to crush the illusion of this place that Program Blue created.”

“If she hadn’t then I wouldn’t be here,” Nero said. He was remembering how he served Program Blue in that illusion. He had been tricked into thinking that he and Program Blue were one in the same. Reyskaw had revealed the truth and killed Nero, but then Nero was resurrected by Cara. While an illusion existed in the Great Library at that time, there was no such illusion now. Only actual beings were capable of existing within the Great Library.

“This is seriously difficult,” Reyskaw said. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who I am or what power I have. I can’t help anyone in The Kara and I can’t help anyone in The Universe and I can’t even help Diana.”

“These new events have only just begun,” said Nero. “Just three days ago, you and Cara saved us all. It’s alright to not know what to do now.”

“Is it?’ asked Reyskaw who was becoming increasingly frustrated. “I went from being able to help everyone to being able to help no one. What’s happening is bigger than all of us. Program Blue is nothing compared to this.”

“It’s complicated-“

“No!” Reyskaw yelled in a burst of anger. “That isn’t the problem! There’s nothing that can be done now that we’ve defied fate. I used everything I had to defeat Program Blue and it isn’t over! We haven’t seen Martha’s life, but I’m sure that she’s emotionally destroyed from losing all of her friends. Every single one of her friends is gone! She lost four people in one day. We’ve lost Diana, Alan, and Trixie, and we’ve lost Cara a second time!”

Nero had never seen Reyskaw like this before. It wasn’t the complexity of the events that was troubling him, it was the pacing. He felt powerless despite everything that he had done. Nero knew that there was nothing he could say and that Reyskaw would need to deal with his emotions on his own. All of the evidence that proved Reyskaw to have the ability to fight fate was the same evidence that he was using against himself.

After struggling so hard in the Library Complex, he was despairing that a new fight was about to begin.

“There’s a chance that a path to this new world has opened in the Arcane Sphere. Do you mind if I investigate?”

“No. I’ve released the seal on the door after the incident with Diana.”

Nero considered saying something to Reyskaw, but after looking at his expression once more, Nero decided to leave. He memorized the awful sight of the defeated Reconstructionist and believed fully that there was a way to The Kara through the Arcane Sphere. He was determined to find that way and provide some hope for Reyskaw.

That Reconstructionist would be the greatest asset in any sort of conflict, even if he didn’t believe it. Whatever strange events might occur next, everyone would need Reyskaw.


A world without stars…

Reyskaw thought of this as he stared at the wall of the viewing chamber. The idea was an odd detail to pick up on, but it was relevant to Reyskaw. A world without stars and a man without hope. Reyskaw took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

In the world without the ancient book, that Reyskaw had written before he had lost his memory, Program Blue had drained the Flame of its power and unleashed the strange dark purple mass. In the world he was living in, Cara had used the Flame but she had not drained it of its power.

A world without stars…

Stars are gigantic sources of energy. Program Blue had destroyed the Flame when he had tried to create a new world. That’s what he said. Cara used the Flame to destroy the Ravagers, revive those lost in the Great Library, and to repair the minds of Martha and Diana. The difference in their actions was the size of their actions.

Creating a world used too much of the Flame’s power. Cara used only what she needed based upon whatever the ancient book had said.

A world without stars…

Did Cara create the new world? If she created a new world, then there would be no reason it wouldn’t destroy the Flame as was the case with Program Blue. But what if Cara used the Flame to create a different kind of world?

A world without stars.

If Program Blue had tried to copy The Universe then that might have used up too much energy. But The Kara was a world without stars and a world without planets. If it was only the Earth, the moon, and the Sun, then how much energy would that take?

It would be a very large amount of energy, but compared to the amount required to create another universe, it would seem infinitesimal in nature. If Cara created The Kara then what was the purpose of that? Instead of reviving all of her friends in The Universe, Cara had gone to the trouble of creating a new world.

There must have been some sort of significance. Reyskaw felt a small amount of energy return to him. His thoughts formed a strange hypothesis, but it was a plausible one. And if it was correct, then The Kara might have some sort of significance. No, it would definitely have significance. The creation of a world similar to The Universe, but much smaller, would only be done for a specific reason.

If it was to create a world where The Five could be reunited with Luke, someone who didn’t exist in The Universe, then she could have created a world where The Six could not be harmed. Cara had been kidnapped in The Kara, so what was the purpose of its existence if it couldn’t protect them?

“It has to be something worth creating,” Reyskaw concluded. “She created it after using the Flame after reading the book that I wrote.”

Reyskaw understood. The reason that he was able to reason through all of this was because he had written it in that book. The scale of the events that were occurring were even greater than he had thought, but he now felt inspired.

He would never write a book instructing a girl to sacrifice herself in order to create a new world just so he could become depressed and not act. It wasn’t even depression; it was frustration. Reyskaw had almost given up on working to help everyone and became frustrated. But knowing that he had written that book, now that he understood, he had saved himself.

“You idiot,” he said aloud. “Don’t you ever give up again just because you think you aren’t good enough.”

A simple lesson that takes years and years to learn. At some point in the past, whatever his past was like, Reyskaw had learned this lesson. And now, he had remembered and was inspired to work to save everyone once again.

A new world had been created and Cara had been kidnapped.

It wasn’t going to get any worse than that.

Reyskaw decided that he would wait for Nero’s return and then the both of them would go to see James Radcliffe. He had only seen Radcliffe for a few seconds in his Reconstruction, but Reyskaw knew that Radcliffe would understand. Even if he needed to team up with the Alpha Group, he would save Cara.

The girl who had saved him.