The Weapon of The Kara (Web Novel) Chapter 2

April 18th, 2011

Chapter Two: Great Library

Reyskaw interrupted the reconstruction by asking: ‘so, what do you think everyone?’.

Diana, Reyskaw, Nero, Alan and Trixie were gathered in the new viewing chamber. The walls were white and gold and bright sunlight poured in through windows high above.

After the events in the Arcane Sphere, Reyskaw had spent time reconstructing the Great Library and improving it. The Great Library would serve as everyone’s home, so it was necessary to change the prison-like environment to a more friendly one. The old and dark wooden viewing chamber was out and the new spacious and bright viewing chamber was in.

“The part about the moon was rather… poetic,” Nero said, trying to hold back a smile considering how ridiculous it was.

“If it’s ridiculous then that’s Luke’s fault, not mine,” said Reyskaw.

“Is this an alternate universe?” asked Diana. Just two days ago, everyone had been fighting to save the children who had entered the Library Complex. Now, they were viewing a story where those same children were never in any danger.

“I think so. We don’t call the universe ‘the kara’, do we?” Reyskaw responded. “While trying to construct the world of April 17th to see how everyone was doing, I somehow created this. I’ve never been able to look into alternate worlds before.”

“You’re incredibly powerful. I’m not surprised,” said Alan. He had seen Reyskaw’s abilities twice now. The first time was in the battle with the Historians on April 15th and the second time was during the days that followed where Reyskaw walked around the Great Library and improved the place using bright blasts of green flame that altered the architecture.

Reyskaw’s title of Reconstructionist was something that no one really understood. Reyskaw himself knew it was just a title he had made up to describe his abilities. At first, he had used it to display events that had occurred in the past. That was why he had named himself Reconstructionist.

Then, he discovered he could alter the structure of the Great Library by ‘reconstructing’ things that didn’t even exist in the first place. The title itself was probably a misnomer, but the only other word that could describe his power would be magic.

“Even with the things he can do, there are still limits. Like being able to construct any story as long as it’s based on the past,” said Trixie.

“And yet he can reconstruct things that have never existed,” said Nero.

“I’m standing right here, you know. I’m sure we’ll understand me more as time goes on, but for now I’ll work on this new story, alright? And I’ll keep trying to construct the world of April 17th in our… well, the world where we met those friends in the Library Complex.”

“For clarity, we can just use the naming system we’ve been provided. That world is called The Universe and this new one is called The Kara,” said Diana. “And that world must be an alternate reality. It’s completely different from the world that we know.”

“How different is it really though?” Reyskaw asked. “On April 16th, 2011 they visited the library and found an abandoned research facility thanks to Luke.”

“Yes, but Luke is a person who didn’t exist in The Universe. And they all survived their experience down there which leads me to believe that the place they visited wasn’t the Library Complex,” said Nero.

“I think it probably is the Library Complex, but under different circumstances. It sounds to me like there was no Biogrove in The Kara. They mentioned the facility, but the part that should have stood out the most was the gigantic bastion of life. If the Biogrove doesn’t exist, then that’s a sign that the Arcane Sphere doesn’t exist there either.”

“So, The Kara is a world where the Arcane Sphere doesn’t exist and that caused things to be different there?” Alan asked.

“That’s one possibility. I could be wrong. Maybe the Arcane Sphere exists in The Kara but has different properties there. There are many potential explanations for that world,” Reyskaw said. “I suppose we’ll just have to explore it together and figure it out. By the way, I’ve equipped this new viewing chamber with a replay function. Everything I reconstruct from now on will be recorded in this place and available for analysis at your leisure.”

“A useful feature, I’m sure. Still, there’s something that needs investigating,” said Diana. “What caused the Arcane Sphere to be created? Answering that will give us more knowledge of all of the worlds we know of. This new one included.”

“How are we going to find out about that? Reyskaw knows the most about the Arcane Sphere and even he doesn’t know much more than we do,” said Trixie.

“From what you’ve told me, Cara was able to read the ancient book in the Arcane Sphere. That’s why she decided to sacrifice herself in the Flame to save all of us and defeat Program Blue.”

“That was out of necessity, Diana. Do you really think the books in the Arcane Sphere library are written in a way that we can understand them?” Reyskaw asked.

“We can still investigate. I have an idea, so please wait here for a moment. I’ll be back soon.”

“I’ll go with you,” Trixie said.

Reyskaw knew this part of Diana’s personality very well. She was very strong-willed and never waited to act on something. Now that they had found this new world, she wanted answers and she would follow any possible leads that she could find. Currently, the Arcane Sphere was what she was interested in and that was what she assumed held the answers she sought.

Diana left the large viewing chamber with Trixie and walked down to the basement of the Great Library to the doors that led to the Arcane Sphere. She opened them and stepped through into the purple atmosphere of the sphere. She went over to the nearest bookshelf and grabbed one of the ancient books, turned around, and walked back into the Great Library.

She and Trixie returned to the viewing chamber and handed the book to Reyskaw.

“Reconstruct it,” she commanded. “Even if it’s not in English, you can reconstruct it and make it written in English, right?”

“That could be incredibly dangerous,” Reyskaw said. “The book in the library caused Cara to jump into that flame and yes, she used it to do a ton of good for our worlds, but she also sacrificed herself. And we have no idea why that is.”

“Then let’s find that book and figure out why. We left it in the Arcane Sphere near the Flame, didn’t we?”

“That’s… no, we can’t do that.”

“Why not? We’re so very close to the Arcane Sphere and we need to find out what it is. That place caused innocent people to lose their lives. We’re all connected to it. If the book Cara read has all the answers, we can’t not investigate it!”

“You said it yourself,” Reyskaw said harshly. “We’ve lost enough people because of Program Blue and his obsession with the Flame there. Our existence here is something we should be grateful for. We’re not spending our lives searching for the truth. I won’t allow it.”

It wasn’t that Reyskaw didn’t want answers. He was wise enough to know that no good would come of it. They had overcome Program Blue, an A.I. driven insane by his own quest for the truth, and now they had an opportunity to live their lives in peace. Answers might only burden them or bring them back to danger and that wasn’t what Reyskaw wanted. They had saved the world and now it was time to rest.

“Why are you so opposed to this? You’ll reconstruct the lives of others for our viewing pleasure, but you don’t want to know the truth of the Arcane Sphere? You can’t stop me from investigating this.”

Reyskaw continued to look angrily at Diana. He didn’t mean to convey anger, only frustration, but Diana could only see angry disapproval. He knew that he was capable of explaining himself to Diana, but he hesitated. Diana might snap at him and deny the type of life he wanted them all to live.

There was a rumbling in the distance, almost as a sign of tension between the Head Librarian and the Reconstructionist.

“Where did that noise come from?” Diana asked, looking around.

“I’ve sealed off the entrance to the Arcane Sphere.”

“So you think you can just trap me here?”

“This is our world. This is where we belong! You’re not trapped here.”

“It’s a world I didn’t ask for. I was trapped here before. This was my prison and now you’re acting just like Program Blue!”

“Diana…” Nero said, trying to stop the argument between the two. Alan and Trixie looked on as well, not knowing what to do or say. All three of them knew that Diana had gone too far by comparing Reyskaw to Program Blue and they were worried about how Reyskaw would react to that.

There was another long period of silence as Diana waited for a response and Reyskaw tried to think of what to do as many thoughts swam around in his head.

“Then leave the Great Library. This is a world, not a building. I’ll open up the door to the rest of the world.”

“What? There’s more to this world? How long have you known this?”

Reyskaw turned around and stretched out his hand. Green flame leaped from it and burned against the wall of the viewing chamber. As it burned, an ornate double door that matched the style of the room appeared. The flame disappeared and Diana looked at the doors that had just been created.

There was no way that that door led to somewhere else inside of this world. There was no way that the Great Library was surrounded by an entire world. Everyone was silent as Diana began to slowly approach that door. Time passed slowly as she approached it and let her hands rest on the doorknobs. Her hands automatically turned the knobs and pushed the door outwards.

A bright light shone through and Diana looked out at the edge of a gigantic mountain that sloped downwards. Stone stairs were embedded into the mountain and they led down from the Great Library to a green valley.

“All this time… this has been out here?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Reyskaw. He had now calmed down. “As I said during the events of April 15th, Blue created only the Great Library and the illusions within it. The Great Library itself was created in an existing world and this is it.”

“Are there other people here?”

“I have no idea. I think that there probably are.”

“Then I’m leaving,” Diana said. “I won’t be contained in here.”

“Diana, you can’t just leave all of us!” said Trixie. “How will you survive out there?”

“It’s not like any of us have physical needs,” said Diana. “We can eat and sleep and breathe but none of those are necessary. Not in this world at least.”

“Are you sure about this?” asked Nero. “If you get lost out there…”

“The Great Library sits at the top of a mountain. I don’t think I’ll get lost.”

Green flames suddenly appeared at many points in the Great Library and burned windows into the walls. With the outside world revealed, Reyskaw knew that those who were going to remain in the Great Library had the right to see it as well. Previously, the skylight and the new high windows in the viewing chamber had been the only indication of a world outside the Great Library.

“We’re going with you,” said Alan.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“We were born to aid you when you were Program Red. We want to help you even if we are not obligated to do so.”

Trixie nodded in agreement and Diana understood. “Then let’s go. I guess this is goodbye then Reyskaw, Nero.”

Without any further comment Diana, Alan, and Trixie walked out and closed the door. Reyskaw and Nero were left alone in the Great Library. The former Emperor was greatly concerned about the three former Librarians, but Reyskaw was not concerned. He had just been greatly insulted by Diana and that emotion had driven his actions.

“Can we really allow this?” Nero asked.

“It’s far better than having her stay here and feel like she’s a prisoner. If anything happen, she’ll at least have a chance to make it back here. I’d rather her face the physical dangers of this world rather than the mental danger of forbidden knowledge.”

“Do you know the truth about the Arcane Sphere?”

“I know more about it than you, I… understand the forbidden aspects. I understand there is a great evil connected to that place. Other than that I know just as much as you do.”

“Are we in danger then, being so close to it?”

“Thanks to Cara we are in no such danger,” Reyskaw said. “She really did save us all.”