The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapters 20-21

Fourth Section: Arcane

Chapter Twenty: Rebel

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Cara, John, and Martha passed through the Arcane Sphere’s barrier and into the interior. The sphere was massive; even larger than the Biogrove. A gigantic stone floor supported thousands and thousands of stone bookcases all lined up in a way that formed straight lines running to the center of the place. A bright yellow glow could be seen in the distance. These were the details that overwhelmed all three of them as they entered into the fourth and final section.

“It’s a giant library,” said John.

“Yes. The power I seek is at the center of this library,” said Blue, speaking through Martha.

“Isn’t this all new to you? This is the first time you’ve seen this place, right?” Cara asked.

“Yes. It is quite an amazing sight. Perhaps I’ll appreciate it later, but right now I’m focused on getting to the goal. I’m certain that light at the center is my victory. Very soon this place will be familiar to me once more and I will understand everything about the Arcane Sphere.”

“Unless you’re wrong,” said a voice.

John and Cara didn’t recognize that voice. Program Blue most certainly did. That voice was the voice of a man that Program Blue half-expected to appear. Wearing a green suit adorned with a pattern of golden flames, the man approached them from his hiding place; a gap between two of the giant bookcases.

“So you were able to reach this place after all. I suppose you’ve come to stop me?” Blue asked the man.

“No. I’m just passing through.”

Program Blue was not expecting this answer. What surprised him even more was when Reyskaw followed through with that statement and walked right past the two children and through the Arcane Sphere into the Biogrove.

“Who was that?” Cara asked.

“Someone who has used this place to cross over from another world. It was a possibility I had considered at one point. I dismissed it, but it seems that I was mistaken. Two libraries connected by a third. The gods of our worlds must really like books.”

Program Blue paused and considered Reyskaw’s motive for a moment. Surely he was planning something foolish. Whatever it was, he had removed himself from the Arcane Sphere which gave Program Blue the opportunity he needed to ascend without interference. There wasn’t anything Reyskaw could be thinking of that endangered his plan at this point. Even if he attacked the central artificial intelligence machine, Blue had already moved into a new body. There was nothing in The Library Complex that threatened Blue.

“Anyway, let us move forward. Enough distractions.”


Reyskaw emerged into the Biogrove.

Reyskaw ran with all his might, knowing the gravity of the situation. If there had been time he would have appreciated the strange and wonderful forms of life growing in the Biogrove. Unfortunately, he had lives to save and no time for that. At full speed he was able to reach the elevator at the base of the grove fairly quickly. He boarded the elevator and moved upward to the facility where J and Q worked.

As Reyskaw ascended to the above facility, a group of butterflies flew through the grove. These butterflies were a species found only in the Biogrove and rarely showed themselves to the scientists that had worked there. Their sudden gathering into a cluster was a detail Reyskaw failed to notice, but one which signified his connection to that place.

When Reyskaw emerged from the elevator, the two biologists gave him a strange look. They had probably been expecting the return of Cara, Martha, and John.

“Who are you?” J asked.

“My name is Reyskaw. Sorry, no time to talk. I need to save those kids.”

“What did Program Blue do to them?” Q asked as Reyskaw ran towards the entrance.

“He’s about to lead them to their death,” the Reconstructionist yelled as he exited the building. He ran along the path that Cara and her friends had, retracing their steps, and got closer and closer to the science facility.

He expected that he would tire soon, but somehow his energy remained and allowed him to run at full speed all the way through the caves. The nature of the Biogrove probably had something to do with that. Regardless, Reyskaw made it all the way to the barrier to the science sector in only twenty minutes.

The barrier was the last obstacle he would have to overcome before being able to put his plan into action. Reyskaw slammed his hands on the barrier and spoke aloud.

“He hasn’t reached Diana yet, so she should still be regaining control. Please! If there are any Librarians that can hear me, please help. Take control of the door system and open it up. I’ll do as much as I can from this side, but any help from the Great Library would be greatly appreciated.”

The Great Library that Blue controlled was like a metaphor for the central artificial intelligence machine. If Diana had regained enough control, then perhaps her Librarians could aid him and open the door that Blue had locked.

The Reconstructionist focused on the barrier and small green flames emerged from his hands and danced along the metal. Reyskaw still didn’t know the limits, or the true nature, of his powers. So he hoped that someone would be able to do something to open the door.

“If Diana is gaining control and more Librarians exist, then find a way to open the barrier!” he pleaded.

“If not then I’ll try to open it myself. I’ll try to use the power that I possess!” he said with conviction.


If all else failed, he wouldn’t even be beyond praying for a miracle.

The opening of the barrier would present an opportunity, a small opportunity, to save everyone left alive. With this hands pressed against the barrier, he went over all possible ways he could open it. The flames continued to dance along the surface of the metal.

And then there was a grinding noise. The barrier’s upper and lower halves began to separate and retract. Reyskaw flew backward and then jumped through and ran up the stairs toward the room that housed the A.I. system.

And that’s when he saw that two Ravagers had managed to break into the room. They immediately turned toward him and showed their vile faces. During the tale, their grotesque appearance had been obscured purposely by Reyskaw. Now, there was no hiding their true form.

The Ravagers immediately rushed forward to their new food source. Reyskaw grabbed the pistol he carried and shot both of them before they could feast. Their bodies slammed against the floor.

“Who’s there?” yelled another voice.

Reyskaw heard gunshots near the torn door to the A.I. chamber. Suddenly two people leaped through, one wielding a shotgun. Their identities were immediately confirmed. It was Sid and Ella. During the story of Abandoned, Program Blue had threatened to kill everyone and unleash the Ravagers. While he did in fact do that and most of the Abandoned were successfully killed, two managed to survive. Sid was in possession of the only shotgun in the science sector and Ella in possession of the only pistol. They had tried to protect the others, but in the end they were only able to save themselves.

The two strongest of the Abandoned, wielding the strongest weapons they possessed, had fought through the Ravagers and had ended up here. Reyskaw’s plan was beginning to take shape.

“My name is Reyskaw, and I need your help to save the children that came through here.”

“They’re still alive?” Ella asked with concern. From her perspective, they had simply disappeared before the Ravagers had attacked. It was only reasonable from her perspective to assume they had been killed.

“Yes, they are. And we can still save them if you follow me.”

The sound of Ravagers could be heard. Sid took one look toward the door and then nodded and rushed forward with Ella. The three traveled down the stairs, running from the Ravagers and into the Biogrove, much like the children had done earlier that day.

The Reconstructionist and his allies hurried through the caves and back to the Biogrove. Sid was the only one to not have seen the place before so he couldn’t help but marvel at the sight before him. Ella and Reyskaw had both been there before and were able to remain focused.

Inside their research facility, J and Q stood in the lobby. They had suspected Reyskaw would return, but they didn’t think anyone else would be returning with him. In the time since he had appeared, they had begun to speculate about the connections between the Arcane Sphere and his appearance.

“You two, come with us,” Reyskaw commanded. “We’re going to save Cara, John, and Martha.”

“What about Adam and Tracy?” Ella asked.

“I’m afraid it’s too late for that,” Reyskaw said to Ella. He then quickly turned back to the twins. “You’ll help us, won’t you?”

“Yes, but I don’t know that there’s anything we can do,” said J. “We don’t have any weapons here.”

“There’s a weapons cache that can be accessed through the Biogrove facility,” said Ella. “Nothing major, but there should be something there.”

Ella signaled to Sid and he followed her deeper into the facility to retrieve the weapons.

“Weapons?” Q asked.

“The Alpha Group built a giant facility,” Reyskaw explained. “They didn’t get to use all of it after the emergency containment of the Ravagers. Now that I think about it, maybe they thought that you could fend for yourselves with access to weapons.”

“We didn’t even know they were there,” said J. “How do you and those two even know about that?”

“Well I know how Ella knows seeing as she was involved in the finances of the facility. How I know is a little more complicated. If we survive this I’ll explain it to you.”

Reyskaw and the twins continued to talk while they waited for Sid and Ella to return. The twins needed to be informed of how dangerous this was going to be and Reyskaw needed to prepare himself mentally. He was a man who didn’t know the full extent of his powers or if he had ever been in a combat situation before. Killing Nero wasn’t something he had enjoyed either. In the coming battle, would he really be able to fight off Blue and the Historians? If it came to it… would he really be able to stop Blue?

Sid and Ella returned as fast as they could, holding two rifles. Unlike the rest of the secrets of the Library Complex, these rifles weren’t years ahead of their time in comparison to the rifles available in the outside world.

“We could only find two,” reported Sid.

“I won’t need one,” said Reyskaw. “We should get going now.”

“I don’t even know how to fire one of these,” said Q.

“Sid can show you once we get down to the bottom of the grove,” Reyskaw said to the twins. “Be sure to learn quickly. We don’t have time to waste.”

All five of them boarded the elevator and descended to the bottom of the Biogrove. There Sid began instructing J and Q on using the rifles while Reyskaw and Ella talked.

“What is Program Blue trying to do?” she asked.

“He wants to become a god using a very powerful energy source within the Arcane Sphere.”

“The Arcane Sphere is what’s producing the signal, isn’t it? I’ve seen it, but never heard it called that before.”

“The Signal comes from inside the sphere. You’ve seen the outer shell of the sphere, but the interior is different. It’s a gigantic library within a massive dome. And in the center is a towering golden flame.”

“And he’s trying to use that fire to become a god? I don’t understand how he can do that or even where he would get that idea from. He’s just a program, he doesn’t have a body.”

“He’s inhabited Martha and will likely kill her when he leaps into the flame.”

“You can’t be serious…” Ella said. She had worked for the Alpha Group on the financial aspect of The Library Complex and had a hand in designing it. Even though she knew a great deal about the facility and the project, talk of becoming a god and the term Arcane Sphere were things she was unfamiliar with. She hadn’t expected ascension to be Blue’s goal, but she knew the Alpha Group’s true research had been kept secret from her.

“So if we don’t stop him, then Martha and Program Blue are destroyed.”

“There’s another woman, Diana, who will likely be killed or injured in the process as well. And there’s a chance, a very small one, that Blue is right and that he will gain an incredible amount of power. Whatever the truth is, I get the feeling that we lose if we don’t stop him.”

A cluster of golden butterflies began to circle around Reyskaw.

“They seem to like you,” said Ella. “Those butterflies are one of the few living insects down here.”

“They seem to have shown up in time for the end.”

“The end of everyone’s struggles within The Library Complex.”

Reyskaw nodded. These events that were all colliding now were the product of an incredibly long span of time. Very soon now, there would be an ending to all of them and then a new tale would begin.

“We’re ready!” announced Sid.

Reyskaw took a deep breath and then led everyone forward. It was time for the final battle. The final battle between Program Blue and everyone else was about to begin.

Chapter Twenty-One: The Flame

A Historian flew across one of the Great Library’s chambers and smashed into a wall. The Librarian who had performed this incredible feat was then attacked by several more Historians. The door to that room burst open as Librarians armed with swords defended their ally. The Historians, strong suits of armor, resisted the blows and then drew swords of their own. The green swords of the Historians were large and looked more like cleavers.

As the Historians swung their heavy weapons, the Librarians nimbly dodged and struck at the backs of the Historians. Nearly all of the swords simply bounced off the strong backs of the Historians except for one. One of the Librarian’s swords swung straight through and unleashed a horrible scraping sound as it tore through the metal of the enemy.

Fights like this were happening all over the Great Library as two wills collided. In the chamber in the middle of the Great Library, the one featuring the circular skylight, stood Nero and Diana.

“I wouldn’t do this if I had a choice,” said Nero.

“Program Blue is simply playing mind games. Neither of us really exist here. You’re dead and I’m being assaulted in the Arcane Sphere. This is just an illusion; a representation of a mental battle with the Great Library as its setting.”

“I know this is a mind game, but I’m saying that if I had really come back to life I would be fighting on your side. I’m no longer Blue’s piece.”

“I understand. I know you don’t have any choice in this.”

“He’s not going to let us delay this any longer.”

“I suppose not,” Diana said as she drew a glowing red sword. Throughout the tale Diana had worn a blue Librarian’s uniform and never once did her appearance indicate her status as Program Red. The red sword she held now represented not only her status, but her will to survive and not be overtaken by Program Blue. She had been forced into this fight and it was the only way that she would be able to keep herself alive.

Nero drew his sword and it was blue in color. Even if he didn’t believe in his actions, he was still Blue’s soldier in this mental battle. He was the piece that represented Program Blue. He raised his sword and Diana raised hers and the two sprinted toward one another. There was a bright flash of red and blue as their battle begun.

But that battle had yet to formally begin. At the time Reyskaw and his companions entered the Arcane Sphere, the fight for Diana’s life still remained in the near future.


The Historians surrounded Diana and held her down in front of the large golden flame. At this point, Program Blue, Cara, and John were arriving at the center of the sphere for the first time. Program Blue used Martha’s body to approach Diana and smile at her.

“This marks the first time I am able to look at your form with real physical eyes. I apologize that you will not get a chance to see the real me. This is simply a borrowed body.”

“Stolen. You’ve stolen that body and you’re going to end up killing that poor girl in your crazy attempt to defy the laws of nature,” Diana declared.

“The laws of nature?” Martha laughed. “Look around you! This place has its own rules and laws yet it is completely natural. Who are you to tell me that I am defying nature?”

“You’re defying your own nature as an artificial intelligence. You’re trying to become something that you can’t become.”

“We, Diana. We are trying to become that. Without you, I am only half of an intelligence.”

“Then what are you going to do? Your plan is flawed if you need me to cooperate with you.”

“The two must become one,” Blue said as he placed Martha’s hand on Diana’s forehead. The Librarian screamed in pain as he entered her mind. The Historians that represented Blue’s power and the Librarians that represented Red’s power went to war and so did their leaders: Nero and Diana.

Cara and John looked upon this. They didn’t understand and they knew they couldn’t interfere. The large green suits of armor called Historians were incredibly intimidating. Had it just been Martha and Diana, then perhaps they could have stepped in to stop what was happening. All they could do, with these circumstances, was stand there and attempt to understand the situation.

“How did she get here?” John asked Cara. “Blue had to take over Martha’s body, but she has a body of her own. Isn’t she part of the artificial intelligence?”

“I don’t know. It took Program Blue years to find a body, or a vessel as he says, and I don’t think that he would let his other half get a body before him. Whoever she is, she didn’t come from The Library Complex.”

Cara then felt a warmth at her side. The ancient book from the Monument Sector was calling out to her. She grabbed the book with both hands and lifted it up in front of her. She slowly opened the cover and flipped to the first page with writing on it. She was surprised to find that the strange language was gone. English words had replaced the text as if the book now wanted her to read it. Was it the events that were occurring in front of her or the proximity to the center of the sphere that prompted the book to change and call out to her?

Cara began reading which caught John’s attention.

“Did you find something in the book?” he asked.

“I’m going to sit down and read this,” she announced as she did. “John, I can tell that this is something important. It’s like the book wants me to know what’s written inside it. Warn me if he turns around, alright?”

John looked back at Martha who still had her hand on Diana’s forehead. The screaming had stopped, but some sort of psychic connection definitely existed between them. He then looked back at Cara who was furiously reading the text.

“Okay,” he said to her. It didn’t seem like she noticed. She was now in the grips of the book which was imparting ancient knowledge upon her. The wisdom of the past spoke to Cara and advised her on the situation and taught her truths about the world above humans. In fact, the very first words of the book were:

“Read alone and do not share, Cara. This book is for your eyes only.”


Diana and Nero’s swords clashed within the illusion. With that clash, the setting of their battle melted away and was replaced with something new. They both looked to their sides and saw where they had been standing previously was now far beneath them. They had been transported to the edge of the skylight on the roof of the Great Library.

“I bet he wants this final battle to be as exciting as possible,” said Nero.

“If that’s true, then prepare for a storm.”

The foggy surroundings on the roof of the Great Library soon changed to dark storm clouds as rain fell, thunder crashed, and lightning flashed. Nero was surprised that Diana was able to predict this.

“How did you-?”

“At the very beginning of all of this, there was a storm wasn’t there? Even though such a thing had no place in the story of Monument. He likes to show off unnecessarily. This is his last chance to do that.”

“His last chance? So you think you’re going to win then.”

“I can’t lose here. No one else is going to die because of my inability to act,” Diana yelled as she rushed forward and pushed Nero to the side. The illusion of Nero lost his balance and crashed through the skylight and plummeted down to the floor of the Great Library.

The battle wouldn’t be won so easily so Diana expected him to get up and continue fighting. She stared down through the skylight for almost a full minute before realizing that Nero was dead. Still, the battle was not yet over as she had predicted.

“So you’re here as well?” Diana asked when she noticed him.

Another man stood at the opposite edge of the skylight. He was the sorcerer who had appeared in Monument Sector and he was enjoying the storm now just as much as he did back then.

“I love storms, Diana! So very very much!” he yelled to the skies with his arms outstretched. “The pounding of the rain, the collision of thunderous roars… how can you not enjoy this? This is the only fitting stage for a battle like this!”

“This is all an illusion, you know. You never existed and you never will.”

“Yes, you’ve crushed this illusion spectacularly. Seen right through it. So I’m going to give you a reward.”

Diana readied her sword, not knowing what the sorcerer would do next.

“This battle is over. Let the result be displayed.”

The sorcerer flew up into the air as the skies turned a bright red-orange. From the new fiery sky came a gigantic bolt of flame that sped toward Diana. She managed to dodge it and watched as it crashed through the roof of the Great Library and started an enormous fire.

Before she could react, hundreds of fire bolts were raining down from the sky and she was utterly decimated. The sorcerer laughed and laughed at Diana, the foolish Librarian who never stood a chance at winning. A red wisp of energy floated up from the torch that used to be the Great Library and the sorcerer flew over to it and absorbed it.

“Sorry Diana, you lose,” the sorcerer said looking down at the inferno. “The two halves have been united. Game over.”


Martha’s body suddenly dropped to the floor. Cara quickly looked away from the book as John ran toward Martha’s body. Cara would have gotten up to help Martha but she needed to finish reading the contents of the book.

“Do not worry,” said Diana. “The child is fine.”

Diana walked out of the grip of the Historians and knelt down next to John. “I’ve left her body and gone into this one. When she awakes, your friend Martha will be back.”

“You did it, then? You’ve united into one and you’re going to turn yourself into a god now?”

“Yes, John. You will now witness my ascension.”

Blue instructed Diana’s body to stand up and stare at the Flame. Everything had come together and now the two halves had been united into one. It would take only a few more steps to walk into the golden flame and reunite with the body of a god. Then, Acrotorus would arise once again.

“Witness the ascension of the god Acrotorus!”

“I think not,” said Reyskaw as he ran into the open space around the Flame where everyone was waiting. He stretched his hand out and, with his mind, pulled Diana back towards him. He then wrapped one arm around her waist and one around her neck, successfully restraining her.

“Giver her back, Blue!” he commanded. “You’ve lost.”

“You idiotic mortal! Historians, protect me!” Blue yelled through Diana.

The five Historians then advanced upon Reyskaw. The leading Historian charged forward and was greeted with several shots fired from a pistol. Ella and Sid emerged from the bookshelves with J and Q.

Sid wasted no time in aiming his shotgun at the other Historians and firing at them. The suits of armor fell backward but were not stopped. They stood once again, this time rushing through the bullets and knocking the weapons out of Sid and Ella’s hands and restraining them. The other two Historians advanced upon J and Q, crushed their weapons, and restrained them as well. The final Historian in front of Reyskaw grabbed the arm he had around Diana’s neck and squeezed with all its might.

Reyskaw screamed and let go. Diana darted out of his grip and the Historian restrained Reyskaw as well. All the Historians turned toward the Flame and held the captured ones so that they could see Diana.

“As I was saying, you will now all witness the ascension of a god!”

“Don’t do this!” Reyskaw screamed.

“Reyskaw, why would I listen to you? I stand before the Flame that will turn me into a god. The Flame that will give me all the power in the world. For what reason would I stop now?”

“Do you really think leaping into a flame is going to make you a god?”

“I’ve been right about everything else. I brought the children here, I inhabited Martha’s body, I combined my consciousness with Red’s-”

“Diana isn’t Program Red, just like Nero isn’t you! Nero died and nothing happened to you, right? Can’t you see that this isn’t going to work? You’re going to kill Diana and yourself!”

“Your knowledge is inferior to mine. No one dies today.”

“What about those you’ve already killed?”

“I said today, Reyskaw. Midnight arrived not long ago. Welcome to April 16th, 2011! The day that I rise above this world of mortals.”

“Program Blue you-”

“Enough! I am Acrotorus now. The Artificial Intelligence holds my consciousness for now, but once I am a god I will restore my body. You can have Diana back then.”

“It’s not going to work! You’re going to kill yourself and Diana. I can feel it, I can feel that something horrible is going to happen after you jump into that Flame.”

Everyone else was silent as Reyskaw and Diana argued. They felt like there was nothing they could do. Reyskaw knew more about this place and Program Blue than any of them. What could they say that he couldn’t?

“Now is the time. Watch as I ascend as a god!”

Diana turned around amd prepared to leap into the giant golden flame. That was when something entirely unexpected happened. Cara, who was not restrained by any of the Historians, jumped into the Flame before Diana could. She was immediately lifted up into its center and spun around to face everyone.

“Cara!” Reyskaw and John screamed in unison.

“Don’t worry, this is the only way,” she announced. “I’ve read the book, the ancient book written by you, Reyskaw. All of it, the truth of everything, was recorded within. I know what must be done.”

Reyskaw’s book? The Reconstructionist didn’t know what Cara was talking about. His thoughts were interrupted before they could begin by a scream.

“You’re going to ruin everything! This is not your… this is my-” Diana stammered.

“Silence!” Cara yelled.

Diana let out another scream, this time falling to the ground. Her screaming stopped as her mind fell unconscious and her body smacked against the ground. Reyskaw was immediately concerned for Diana, but Cara spoke quickly to assuage his fear.

“Program Blue has been purged from her mind. The corrupt intelligence is no more. Diana is free!”

“Cara, get out of there!” John yelled. “Whatever power-”

“John, listen closely. All of you, listen to me! Program Blue was wrong. This Flame is not what he thinks it is and, had he entered it, he would have used the power that remains and broken the seal, dooming us all. But I know the truth and I know what must be done to save you all.”

Above the events playing out in the Arcane Sphere, the science sector was suddenly lit up. All of the Ravagers exploded into golden flame and were consumed by the power within the Arcane Sphere. Cara narrated this event to those watching her.

“I’ve taken care of the Ravagers so you will be able to leave safely.”

“So leave the flame now! You’ve given us a way out and killed Blue. Like Reyskaw was saying, whatever power that you have it can’t be good-” John begged.

“John, I’m sorry for what’s about to happen. Before I go, you need to know that you must live on and never give up. The coming circumstances will be difficult, but you must survive.”

Cara’s body began to burn a brilliant golden color. The flame was now acting less like a power source and more like a true flame that desired to consume the girl inside of it. Instead of burning just her body, the Flame burned through her completely and erased every part of her. John yelled out for her to save herself, but Cara would not listen. She held back her tears and pain as the flames burned through her physical body completely.

There was a moment of silence as Cara was no more.

“No, this can’t… she can’t have… why would she do that?!” John yelled. The quiet following Cara’s demise was absolute as everyone processed what they had just witnessed. John’s question met no immediate answer and led only to more silence.

After some amount of time passed, three shining and glimmering spirits descended from the Flame and took on temporary forms. They were Cara, Adam, and Tracy. Perhaps they could be called the souls of the dead, given one last chance to speak through the power of the Flame.

“I’ve brought back all the dead to speak with you. And Reyskaw, you will find those lost in the Great Library have returned. I must now depart to ensure your safety. The safety of all of us.”

Cara’s form faded before John could speak and so he turned his attention to Adam and Tracy.

“You… please don’t tell me that you’re also…”

“In the Biogrove after we parted ways, we were killed,” said Adam.

“All of you are my best friends,” John said. “We all promised to make it out of this alive and now…”

“John,” Tracy said. “We understand how difficult this is but you need to know that we were the best of friends. Our death hasn’t changed that and nothing can ever change that.”

“You’re here now though. Cara couldn’t bring you back fully?”

“She brought back what was left of us for a very important purpose,” said Adam. “The power to bring the dead back to life probably doesn’t exist in the world.”

The three friends looked over at the unconscious bodies of Diana and Martha.

“They’ve both had their consciousnesses altered. Blue inhabiting and leaving Martha’s body… then Blue inhabiting and leaving Diana’s body…. their minds need to be healed. In their current states they will never wake again. So before we burn out, we’re going to give our lives to save those two.”

“And you can do that even though you’re dead?”

“I can’t provide a full explanation as what happens when we die isn’t something I can tell you,” said Adam. “What I can say is that there is energy left over. The energy from who we were, from our cells, the very last of it is what we are now. That’s what we’re giving up to save them.”

John finally let tears fall. “You three were always the best of us. And now Cara and you two have given your up your lives for the lives of others.”

“Cara more so than us,” Adam said.

“She really was a very special person,” said Tracy. “So you have to live on, alright? This was all done to save those who were left. You cannot stop the sadness of course, but you must seek to move past it. If you don’t live on, then everything that’s been done will have been for nothing.”

“I get it,” John said. “I don’t want to believe anything you’re saying, but when I wake up tomorrow and realize that all of this happened… I’ll fight to live on.”

“You have no idea the joy that we can feel from hearing you say that,” said Tracy.

“We have to hurry now,” said Adam as the two walked over to Martha and Diana. Adam’s form shimmered brightly and was absorbed by Diana. Tracy’s form shimmered brightly and was absorbed by Martha.

Diana and Martha slowly awoke and Sid, Ella, John, Q, and J all rushed over to help them up. For Martha, she was seeing the Arcane Sphere for the first time and was overwhelmed by it. John tried to comfort her and reassure her that she was still alive.

“John, what happened here?” Martha asked. She could see that John was incredibly upset. Because she knew nothing of the current situation, she could only assume something terrible had happened.

“Cara saved us all,” said John. “And now we’re finally going home.”