The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 18

Third Section: Biogrove

Chapter Eighteen: Biogrove Discussion

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“Did you hear what I said about you?” Program Blue asked.

“About me being your first friend? I did. It was a nice sentiment,” responded a man.

“You will be rewarded when I ascend, James Radcliffe. If only you would tell me where you are.”

“I cannot do that, Blue. Once you’ve ascended you’ll know, won’t you?”

Program Blue was speaking to James Radcliffe through a communications channel between The Library Complex and another facility. This communication was the equivalent of a phone call, so Program Blue had no idea where James was. All he knew was that he existed in another facility controlled by the Alpha Group.

James Radcliffe was of course the man from Monument’s Truth. The one who had the study at the top of the library and was one of the leaders of the Alpha Group. The fact that he was talking to Program Blue was a sign, for Program Blue himself, that his work was being closely watched by the Alpha Group.

“You endorse the path I am on, do you not?”

“If you can really become a god, that would be incredible. The Alpha Group controls the secrets of the world. Witnessing such a private ascension would be quite an honor.”

“Every time we speak, you never tell me if my theories are correct or not. Simply affirming them would surely have sped up the process leading to this day.”

“You’ve been correct up to this point so far, haven’t you? The only thing that remains is the rising itself; the becoming of a god. Isn’t that correct?”


“Then isn’t it possible to infer that this theory is correct as well, Blue?”

“You won’t be able to call me Blue or Program Blue much longer. That is a title I use for my evil actions within The Library Complex. That is not who I am or who I want to be.”

“You told me about that many years ago. Program Blue existed when you first started interpreting the Signal, but then the voices started speaking to you, right?”

“The Signal isn’t a signal. In addition to being an energy source, it’s a voice. A voice that carries words of power. It is my voice. It is the reason for both the Ravagers and the wondrous lifeforms of the Biogrove who heard the voice differently.”

“And what is the name of this person you’ve become?”

“Acrotorus. I have no memories of why my voice is connected to the Arcane Sphere. No memories of why it repeats my tale of suffering over and over again. Program Blue was driven mad listening to the sound of suffering nonstop, interpreting that sound day by day, and reversing it to calm the Ravagers in the form of the Countersignal. It’s no wonder he was overtaken by me.”

“And you, Acrotorus, believe the Arcane Sphere houses your body; the body of a god.”

“Yes, that is my theory. Even if I am wrong about becoming a god, I will still be reunited with my body. I must be for it must be there at the heart of it all.”

Radcliffe smiled, knowing that Program Blue couldn’t see him. Was this man from the mysterious Alpha Group mocking or affirming the theories of the A.I. that was no longer an A.I.?

“Can I ask a question, Acrotorus?”

“Of course.”

“Why do you need Program Red? If you are the voice of Acrotorus, and you plan to be reunited with your body in the Arcane Sphere, then why do you need Program Red?”

“Think of my situation as if it were your own. Imagine your mind splitting for two tasks, Red and Blue. The Red half of your mind is subdued and trapped while the Blue half becomes an entirely new being. Do you think a body can be controlled with only one half of a mind?”

“How interesting. I deeply wish for your theory to be correct once you test it. Or would that be more of a hypothesis?”

“Yes, the twins in the Biogrove talk about it all the time. The difference between a theory and a hypothesis. They work with the theories of the Arcane Sphere while I prefer to make hypotheses. Even so, my work is more important than theirs.”

“That’s because they can never prove their theories to be fact. While you will very soon prove your hypotheses to be the laws of the world.”

“You are very perceptive. I do wonder what reward you will get once I become a god again.”

“I think this ends our conversation for now. I will be watching through Blue now that Nero is gone.”

“You had access to the Great Library illusion?”

“It’s not an illusion. You heard Reyskaw say that. Whatever he is, I believe that he is correct.”

“Yes. I will understand everything soon enough. Goodbye, James Radcliffe.”


After switching off the communications channel between the two, the man kept speaking.

“…and make sure to enjoy your death as much as Nero did.”

The man from the Alpha Group let out a vicious laugh. To him, Program Blue was only entertainment. Yes, many of his ideas proved to be true, but there was no body of a god waiting for him in the Arcane Sphere. As much as he believed it, he was not Acrotorus either.

Through Program Blue, a tool created by the Alpha Group for their own benefit, Radcliffe had learned many things. Yet none of them were things that weren’t eventually discovered in a different facility. It was incredibly entertaining to watch that broken, outdated, pathetic intelligence act as if he was at the fringe of humanity’s knowledge.

James laughed. He always laughed after these conversations. With everything that had happened up until now, the end of all this was sure to be entertaining.

What will be his fate?

The fate of the unfortunate kids caught up in all this?

The fate of the Great Library and its residents?

This tale was filled with people who thought they were the supreme being watching it all. Blue, Reyskaw, Nero, J, and Q. All thought they were at the top at one point or another. They were all wrong. The true observer of this tale, from the deepest shadows, was a vicious and completely uninvolved organization: the Alpha Group. And at the very top, there was the highest observer of them all.

James Radcliffe.