The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 17

Third Section: Biogrove

Chapter Seventeen: Monument’s Truth

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Cara looked up at the waterfall that was shining and glistening as it fell from high above and pooled at the bottom of the grove. She was lying on her back on the grass far below the Biogrove facility, surrounded by many colorful plants. She and her friends, after learning as much about the Signal as they could, were shown to the elevator and allowed to head down and relax by themselves. Even after sleeping in the Abandoned’s base, the stress of the events that followed had made them all sleepy again. Cara could feel her eyelids becoming heavy.

“Where do you think Adam and Tracy are?” Martha asked, sitting on a nearby rock.

“I don’t know,” said Cara. “I just hope right now they’re as relaxed as we are.”

“I can assure you they are,” said Blue. “They have nothing to worry about.”

Ever since they had arrived in the Biogrove, Blue had been communicating with them more frequently. After hearing what J and Q said about talking to him, Cara wasn’t sure what to think anymore. He had killed the Abandoned, acting as if it was a gift, but he was still nice enough to keep two scientists company for 16 years? For a moment, Cara wondered if he really had killed the Abandoned out of some misguided sympathy.

“Do you mind if I tell you a story?” Blue asked.

“Why would you want to tell us a story?” John asked.

“Because we’ve nearly reached the end. Yes, I’ve spent the majority of my time taunting you, but there’s no point now. Everything is coming together as I had intended,” he replied.

That wasn’t entirely true, as the death of Nero was something he hadn’t anticipated.

“Everything will end very soon now,” he continued. “Now that you’ve all activated and gathered together. Now that you’re so close to the heart of it all.

“Tell us the story,” Cara said. There was no harm in hearing what Program Blue had to say. It worried everyone that he was speaking as if their lives were about to end, but knowing whatever he was about to tell them might provide them with some useful information.

“It’s the story that one man in a horribly unfashionable green suit once called Monument. The star actors being Cara Klein, Adam Allen, Martha Lewis, John Miller, and Tracy Smith.”

“Are you talking about the library up above?” John asked.

“Yes,” said Blue. “You asked about it once. The magician, the upside down tower, the demons, the threat to Earth, the mysterious book, the strange transition from day to night. I can answer everything, all of your questions, in a quick story I’ve prepared that I’ll call Monument’s Truth.”

Everyone was silent as Program Blue began to tell the story containing the answers they all sought. Cara closed her eyes and listened to the voice of the artificial intelligence. Even though she was a bit worried, she was relaxed enough to behave like she was being told a bedtime story. As Program Blue began to speak, her thoughts were silenced and all she could hear was the sound of his voice.


Long ago, the Alpha Group controlled this facility. Back then I was a young artificial intelligence who knew nothing about this place. There was a man who visited me frequently to see how the facility was running and to see what I was capable of. At that time I didn’t know it, but I think now I can call him my first friend.

You see, this friend of mine told me about an ancient book that was found in the Biogrove by a woman named Raven. She actually found the necklace that Ella wears as well. I asked my friend what was in this book and he told me that he had no clue. That book was then taken up to his personal study at the top of the library. I asked him about it frequently and he told me that the contents were undecipherable. Of course, I became interested.

Many things happened after that, but let us recall the morning of April 15th, 2011. By the way, the date has yet to change. April 16th is still a few hours away.

On this morning, you never woke up and went to school. You see, when you were treated here as newborns in 1994 we didn’t just give you the capability to produce the Countersignal. We also gave your bodies the ability to understand the Signal. Much like how I spent time studying the Signal and used that information to create the Countersignal, your bodies work in a similar, more limited, way.

With the help of my friend, I practiced using the frequency of that Signal on you. Slowly, over many years, I built mental suggestions into your head. All for today. All for the purpose of making you wake up early one morning and walk to the library and return to this place. I was quite lucky to have it work so well.

You arrived at the library this morning, in the darkness. Your minds were still in a dream state; a shared dream state. Your memories of the library are all a dream based on the reality that you experienced. So let me give you the complete truth.

You were alone in the library. There was no sorcerer, no teacher, no students. You never sat around wondering about what to do next. That was all just something that happened in your dream state, which I was able to look into at points due to the unique properties of the Signal.

I am the master of the force called the Signal and you are its servants. The Countersignal is only a counter to the negative effects of overexposure to the Signal. It does not protect you from my power.

The Sorcerer and the things he told you were a combination of various factors. A combination of my thoughts, your thoughts, and various data my systems had collected. That sorcerer acted a bit like my avatar; my presence in your shared dream state. The things he told you are all a combination of theory and hypothesis and fact. Perhaps demons really do live far below the earth, but that doesn’t concern us.

When you arrived, I had Cara pick up that undecipherable book. I too am curious as to what it says. Of course I can’t read it and neither can you, but when I ascend to godhood I will be able to understand it. That book comes from this place, so someone who knew about the energy source must have written it. If someone could get this close to the energy source and leave that book here, then they must have written about it. I want to know those secrets. Being completely honest, having you carry that book was perhaps not only through my will, but the book’s will as well. I can’t remember the book’s existence all the time and neither can you. Whatever it is, it is something that I must understand.

The researchers here reveled in the glory of the force we foolishly call the Signal. It is something far grander than that. It is a pure energy that I am destined to wield and everything I have done over these years has been to get you here so I may finally reach it.

Returning to your story, after you collected the book and headed down to the science sector, my influence began to wear off. Somewhere during the elevator ride, you awoke from the dream state. A combination of the limited power of shared dream states and the interference of the Signal itself caused you to fully awaken. Or so I have theorized.

What follows is something you all know, save for one part. Using mental suggestion during the time you fell asleep, I had Adam grab a vial of the activation serum from Ravager territory and inject it into Cara. Adam was chosen to fulfill the task, but you were all my servants once more the minute you drifted off to sleep. When you reached the Biogrove, I had Cara’s activation confirmed and my experiment was proven to be a success.

And so we reach this moment.


“All of this work, in order to become a god you say,” said John. The others were still thinking about the story, but John wasn’t going to let this opportunity to interrogate Blue pass. “Is that why the Alpha Group created you?”

“No, this is my own personal goal. My ascension to godhood will be witnessed by all of you and you will finally understand. I am truly thankful for all of these events. Had the experiments on you all as newborns not worked or had the activation failed, my plan would’ve fallen apart. The odds of all of these theories and experiments and intuitions culminating in this moment is proof of my destiny. That is why I am certain of my ability to transcend this world.”

“So what’s next?” Cara asked.

“You are now producing the Countersignal; a signal that I have had to study and emit for years. Something I can control even better than the Signal itself. Don’t you understand?”

“Cara! Martha!”

Cara opened her eyes. She sat up and turned toward John and then looked over to Martha. Like her, Martha had also fallen asleep. The difference being that Martha hadn’t awoken when John called her name.

“What have you done to her?” John yelled.

“Nothing. It seems my story has put her to sleep, so it seems she will be the sacrifice. She fell asleep and fell victim to my mental suggestions. Now  that she is producing the Countersignal, I will take it one step further and impose my consciousness into her vessel.”

Martha suddenly sat up and coughed and choked for a few seconds.

“Martha are you okay?” Cara asked, rushing towards her.

“Of course. The moment of my victory has arrived.”

Cara and John were immediately horrified. Martha was speaking to them, but Program Blue was also speaking through the speakers at the same time. Their voices were synchronized.

“All of my theorizing, all of my work has finally come to this,” Blue spoke through Martha and the speakers. “With this vessel that I have prepared, I will now ascend to godhood. Come, my witnesses.”

Martha stood up and motioned for Cara and John to follow her. With no choice, they followed Martha who was now possessed by Program Blue. They walked to the edge of the cavern and slipped through an opening just big enough for the average adult to climb through.

They traveled through a tunnel filled with a strange purple light until they entered a small cavern. Inside of this chamber was something incredible that all three of them stared at in awe. All they could focus on was the incredible sight before them.

A curved protruding surface made of an unknown dark purple substance existed there. It was not made of a solid material. It was not made of a fluid material. It was not made of a gaseous material. Whatever it was, it was something they could not describe.

Blue/Martha spoke. “This is the Arcane Sphere. You can only see a small portion here, but this is the energy source. No, this is the surface of the energy source. Inside of it, the heart of the heart, is where I will ascend into godhood.”

“…this is…” Cara tried to say.

“It seems familiar… almost welcoming…” John managed to say.

“You are children of the Signal, as am I. We belong here. We can pass through the wall of the Arcane Sphere. Come along and witness the truth of the universe; the gateway to godhood.”

Martha walked forward and passed right through the surface. How she did it was something that they could not describe. The surface was not disturbed, yet she had walked directly through as if it was only an illusion.

Cara and John followed. The feeling as they passed through was excitement, happiness, anxiousness, belonging, longing. Some entirely new sensation. They had now arrived at something that felt so important, it was as if the entirety of their lives had occurred all for the purpose of arriving here. All three of them had passed through the strange energy source and entered into a place that had many names. The most appropriate for this tale being:

The Fourth Section.