RMV Conference Report 1

Welcome to the first RMV Conference Report. On April 10th of every year, I’ll be providing a number of updates on my current projects that will let you know what new releases you can look forward to!

I’d like to transition to a stable release schedule with familiar dates where year after year you can expect new works on specific dates. Starting from 2017, every May 31st and December 1st new content will debut!

  • Shadow Puppet Mysteries ~Third Performance: Poison~ will arrive on May 31st! As always, it will be available as a free download from the RMV Mysteries page. This time around, prepare for a mystery with a large focus on the method of the crime. Then, on October 25th, you can expect Fourth Performance to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Shadow Puppet Mysteries.
  • Cronus Collection will take you to the vast city of Cronus on the continent of Zekkyn on December 1st! Pre-orders will be available this Fall. Please check the official page for details on two new characters revealed today: Witch Agness and Emperor Lucifer Mandeyven.
  • Memory Blood Saga arrives this August. All four parts to the story of Memory Blood will be bound together and available print-on-demand from Amazon. The original e-book versions will also be updated at this time as well.
  • July 12th marks the 5 year anniversary of the publishing of The Library Complex. I’ve now been a self-published author for 5 years. While I may not be where I was expecting to be five years ago, I’m very proud of the stories I’ve shared with my readers. You can expect that the new version of The Library Complex will be uploaded by this date and a predictable announcement on the day itself.
  • Looking ahead to 2018, you can expect the conclusion of Shadow Puppet Mysteries as well as adventures on another continent in the same world as Cronus Collection. More details will be provided in next year’s RMV Conference Report.