Writing Update: Upcoming Announcements Edition

Hello, everyone! Have you been enjoying the updated chapters of The Library Complex every week? I’ve been enjoying updating my very first novel immensely and I hope you’re looking forward to the story’s development.

That’s why, this Friday, two chapters will be published! Together, these chapters bring an end to Second Section: Abandoned which means Third Section will begin next week. The first chapter will be available in the morning and the second later that night just before the day has ended. Please look forward to it!

Regarding my other works, there will be several announcements to be made on April 10th. I think it’s good to save up my progress for a little while and then reveal a bunch of exciting news all at once, so if you’re interested in Shadow Puppet Mysteries and Cronus Collection then make sure to be here on April 10th to find out more about them.

This year my work has been progressing relatively smoothly so I look forward to delivering the best stories I can while The Library Complex unfolds once more chapter by chapter.

Cronus Collection has presented me with many new challenges, but the first quarter or so of the book is written so things are on schedule. In some ways, no matter how much I work, Cronus Collection won’t exist until it is published. The final version is what matters most, so I’m also looking forward to reading that story.