The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 12

Third Section: Biogrove

Chapter Twelve: Memory

Cara and her friends now stood in front of a great blast door. Without any notice, the two halves of the barrier began to retract and the path forward was now being revealed. It hadn’t opened much yet, but Cara could see part of the Third Section’s rock walls. As their path slowly opened, it became obvious that they were about to enter some sort of natural cavern. The floor they were standing on ended just past the blast door and a more narrow metallic pathway led into the cave. Small lights on the side of the path illuminated the way forward.

Cara led her friends forward, but they all walked closely together. After the path began curving through the cave, they realized just how weak those small lights were. The feeling of being in those dark caves was frightening, but the air was slightly warmer than the frigid Abandoned sector.

The warmth reminded Cara of their brief time on the surface outside the library. Which in turn quickly reminded her that just because it appeared that they were safe, that didn’t necessarily mean that they were. Even if the natural surroundings relaxed her, she kept her guard up in this unknown territory.

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The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 11

Second Section: Abandoned

Chapter Eleven: Abandoned Discussion

“Do you recognize him?” Reyskaw asked.

“Him?” Diana asked. She had barely heard Reyskaw’s question. The ending for Abandoned was so unexpected, so evil, that she had been completely drawn into the story.

“Program Blue. The villain that has just killed the Abandoned and manipulated the five.”

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Writing Update: Upcoming Announcements Edition

Hello, everyone! Have you been enjoying the updated chapters of The Library Complex every week? I’ve been enjoying updating my very first novel immensely and I hope you’re looking forward to the story’s development.

That’s why, this Friday, two chapters will be published! Together, these chapters bring an end to Second Section: Abandoned which means Third Section will begin next week. The first chapter will be available in the morning and the second later that night just before the day has ended. Please look forward to it!

Regarding my other works, there will be several announcements to be made on April 10th. I think it’s good to save up my progress for a little while and then reveal a bunch of exciting news all at once, so if you’re interested in Shadow Puppet Mysteries and Cronus Collection then make sure to be here on April 10th to find out more about them.

This year my work has been progressing relatively smoothly so I look forward to delivering the best stories I can while The Library Complex unfolds once more chapter by chapter.

Cronus Collection has presented me with many new challenges, but the first quarter or so of the book is written so things are on schedule. In some ways, no matter how much I work, Cronus Collection won’t exist until it is published. The final version is what matters most, so I’m also looking forward to reading that story.

The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 9

Second Section: Abandoned

Chapter Nine: “Morning of April 16th, 2011”

Martha was the first to awaken. She slipped out of her bed and peered outside of the tent. It was still dark, but the day’s first rays of sun were being simulated. Martha gently closed the flap of the tent, sat down on her bed, and began to think about what was happening.

All this time she had only been reacting to the situation, but now she was taking the time to really think about it. The dark library, their teacher’s disappearance, the sorcerer, the book Cara had found, the Abandoned, Ella, Sid, everything.

Something had definitely felt off when they had first arrived. Even now, it still felt like a complete fantasy. The sorcerer had told them they needed to head downwards to stop an army of demons from destroying Earth. They had believed it at the time, but it was a completely unbelievable story. Everyone except for Cara had been skeptical, but no one seriously challenged the idea. The Abandoned hadn’t mentioned anything like that either, although the Ravagers might be something that could be considered demons.

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The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 8

Second Section: Abandoned

Chapter Eight: A Moment’s Rest

“You aren’t going to tell me what happened, are you?” Diana asked.

Diana had returned to Reyskaw’s reconstruction chamber after verifying the facts of the story. It was just as he had said: on April 15th, 2011 those five students went missing and didn’t arrive at school that day. With this fact verified, Diana allowed Reyskaw to continue the reconstruction.

That scene that had just played of the person in Cara’s tent had been filled with mystery. The story itself even pointed it out. And because Reyskaw was the one who had reconstructed the scene, that was the same as Reyskaw pointing it out and telling her that it was important.

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The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 7

Second Section: Abandoned

Chapter Seven: The Abandoned’s Base

After calming down a little, Ella took the five friends directly to the leader of the Abandoned. He was waiting just a short distance away, speaking to two other men. As Ella approached, he ended his conversation and prepared to meet Cara and the others.

“I apologize that we let you get so close to the Ravagers. Welcome to our home. I’m Sid Grey.”

Sid invited them to look around. The base that they had been brought to was as spacious as a small airplane hangar. The space was populated by tents and many makeshift buildings. The old and worn tents were used as homes for each of The Abandoned and were surrounded by crates that marked each person’s property line. Being trapped underground for so long, it was necessary for them to retain the societal ideas of ownership and privacy as best they could.

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