The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 4

First Section: Monument

Chapter Four: Monument Discussion

The darkness eased itself backwards to reveal a room very similar in feel to the library of the story. It was cold, dark, and had a sort of blue tint to it. In this room, there was a space in the wall where the images of the story had been displaying. The space was empty now, but mere seconds ago it had been lit up with the story of Cara, John, Tracy, Adam, and Martha.

“It’s interesting, I’ll give you that. But there are a lot of things that don’t really add up,” a spectator commented. The spectator was a woman wearing a uniform that showed her high status as a Librarian of the Great Library. She was quite young, but spoke sternly and seriously.

“I took a lot of care in creating this reconstruction. Everything should be as accurate as the reality that it was made from.”


The one who spoke now was a man. He wore a green suit with golden trim patterns; an unusual outfit that signified his position as Reconstructionist. This man was probably older than the woman, but not by much. Or perhaps he just appeared to be young. As a Reconstructionist, he took facts and rebuilt the stories connected to those facts for others to view. The story just now was one such reconstruction of a particular day in April 2011.

“The behaviors of the students were quite odd,” replied the woman. “I’m confident teenage children wouldn’t behave in such a way.”

The man smirked. “Really now, Diana. I thought you would be able to see through that. I gave a lot of hints as to what was happening and the characters themselves were even slightly aware of it. You should’ve figured it out just a little while ago.”

Diana looked at the man. “So there is a reason and this isn’t just your bad storytelling, Reyskaw?”

“Hey! I am an excellent storyteller. Everything was presented just as it should have been. This is the truth of what happened that day and to these five.”

“As I was saying, what about the other students?” Diana asked. “They’re still trapped in the library and they didn’t even notice Cara and her friends opening the secret passage.”

“What other students? I don’t remember anyone else. You yourself said they weren’t acting like real humans.”

The woman hesitated before speaking. “You can’t possibly mean… they were just illusions?”

Reyskaw gave a wide smile. “That’s probably an accurate assessment. Would you like to take a quick glimpse outside of the main story?”

Diana didn’t like being deceived, so she told Reyskaw to show her quickly what he was talking about.

Reyskaw conjured an image of a classroom. Mr. Hall was teaching and a number of students were sitting in their desks like they would on any ordinary day.

“When is this?” Diana asked.

“This is a glimpse of Cara’s classroom at the end of the story we just saw.”

Anyone who viewed the picture would have been able to see that an unusually high number of students were missing.

Reyskaw narrated. “Five students didn’t show up that day. Cara, John, Tracy, Adam, and Martha. Where did they go? Well, we just saw that, didn’t we?”

The image vanished and Diana was left puzzling over what she had seen. Reyskaw was trying to say that Mr. Hall and the other students were at the high school and had never been in the library at all on that day.

“How can I trust that this is a proper reconstruction?” she asked.

“Just check with your own department,” Reyskaw replied. “I’m sure that the attendance for that day should be filed away somewhere. And when you find it and check it you will see that they really didn’t show up on April 15th and were stuck in that library.”

Diana knew this was something she needed to confirm for herself. “Please, allow us to take a short break. I need to check to make sure that you have the proper facts. I apologize if this means you will have to alter your reconstruction.”

“Don’t worry. The next part isn’t finished yet. I’m sure it will be ready, and will fit with the facts, when you get back from your investigation.”

“I apologize for being a rude guest, but this really is necessary.”

Reyskaw waved goodbye as she vanished from the room.

“Just what I’d expect from a Librarian. Always checking the facts and never willing to completely trust someone like me.”

Reyskaw pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like some sort of license and on it his full name and position were stated. He didn’t look like he enjoyed reading the information printed on the license even though it was perfectly accurate.

“I’m surprised that she believed that I was a Reconstructionist. It looks like you’ve done the same thing to her that you did to those children.”

The darkness didn’t respond.

“I can’t communicate with you directly, but I know you’re watching. Please await the next part of the tale patiently. Hopefully you and Diana will return at the same time so I can continue on…”

The darkness flooded the room and the scene faded away.

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