The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 6

Second Section: Abandoned

Chapter Six: Frigid Halls

The group returned, shivering, to the bloodstained room. It wasn’t clear whether they were shivering from the cold, their own fear, or a combination of both. No matter the reason, they ignored it and pressed on. They moved through a passage near the broken reception desk that led deeper into the facility; the only path available to them.

The halls past the reception room were similar to the two they had experienced before. From here, there were many different paths for them to choose from. It was like a labyrinth of nearly identical hallways. Once again, Cara was the one who decided the path for everyone.

As they walked through these familiar halls, they unintentionally separated into groups similar to the ones from before. Adam and Tracy walked a fair distance behind Cara and Martha. John walked alone in between the others.

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The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 5

Second Section: Abandoned

Chapter Five: Initiation Sector

The elevator’s long journey finally ended as it came to a surprisingly gentle stop. After a long descent, it had finally reached its destination: an unknown place that was about to be revealed to Cara and her friends.

Cara became tense as the elevator doors opened. They revealed a hallway very similar to that of the one far above and her tension disappeared a little. Just like the hallway above them, the colors were dull and the lighting was poor. It was so similar in fact that it didn’t seem like they had gone anywhere at all.

As she stepped out of the elevator, she was ambushed by a gust of frigid air. The temperature alone was enough to convince anyone that this was a different place. It was so frigid that she started to shiver and the others soon felt this as well.

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The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 4

First Section: Monument

Chapter Four: Monument Discussion

The darkness eased itself backwards to reveal a room very similar in feel to the library of the story. It was cold, dark, and had a sort of blue tint to it. In this room, there was a space in the wall where the images of the story had been displaying. The space was empty now, but mere seconds ago it had been lit up with the story of Cara, John, Tracy, Adam, and Martha.

“It’s interesting, I’ll give you that. But there are a lot of things that don’t really add up,” a spectator commented. The spectator was a woman wearing a uniform that showed her high status as a Librarian of the Great Library. She was quite young, but spoke sternly and seriously.

“I took a lot of care in creating this reconstruction. Everything should be as accurate as the reality that it was made from.”

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The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 3

First Section: Monument

Chapter Three: The Group’s Mission

The group was back where they had started. They sat at a table in the east wing of the library and discussed their situation. Cara understood what the man from a few moments ago had said better than all of the others so she was explaining it to them.

“Essentially, we’re supposed to protect the Earth from invaders from another world.”

“Do you really believe that though?” Martha asked. Like the others, Martha didn’t trust anything that the strange man had said. Only Cara seemed to be so accepting of his words.

“Well that was the point of making the sky go dark and making Mr. Hall disappear. He said that he did that because he knew we wouldn’t believe it under normal circumstances. No one would believe a stranger telling such a crazy story. So he told us under these strange conditions.”

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