The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 2

First Section: Monument

Chapter Two: The Library

After about twenty minutes, all of the students had managed to calm down. People gravitated to their friends and split up into smaller groups in the west wing of the library. Cara’s group was the only one to move to the east wing.

The library that had been warm and bright was now dark and chilly. In addition to the darkness, it was almost as if there was a subtle blue light being cast into the library as well. An overhead lamp had been turned on above the table Cara and her friends were sitting at. That was the only source of warm and familiar light that could be seen in this strange new world.

During the twenty minutes after the transition into darkness, several students had tried to leave through the main door. No matter how hard they tried to open the door, it wouldn’t even budge. It was clear that everyone had been locked in and that no door or window was going to open or allow itself to be broken.

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The Library Complex (Web Novel) Chapter 1

First Section: Monument

Chapter One: Class Trip

Anyone would have expected the library to be dark and silent at that time of night. However, there was some sort of activity occurring in the study on the third floor. The books that usually sat undisturbed on the shelves were now flying around the study due to the commands of a strange being.

This strange being was doing research to fulfill the task he had been assigned. Though, to an outside observer, it looked as if he was just standing in the middle of the study for no reason with an empty gaze. He stood perfectly still while the books flew wildly around him.

Even though there was no one to see him, he still chose to have the books dance around the study. It was an unnecessary performance with no relevance to the task at hand.

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Writing Update: 2017 Is Here! Edition

In terms of writing, 2017 has already been off to a great start.

Shadow Puppet Mysteries 2’s editing stage has proceeded incredibly smoothly. Despite troubling over the plot for a month, new elements were weaved into the story seamlessly and within just a couple of days I completed the last major revision to the story. There will be another editing pass, but the story is now at the point where I can guarantee a release on the 25th of this month!

I think Shadow Puppet Mysteries 3 and 4 will be delivered in May and October respectively, with the last three parts releasing in 2018. This rough schedule is subject to change, but the design of Shadow Puppet Mysteries 3 is already underway.

Cronus Collection has been hovering around 20k words for a while now, but I’ve been refining chapters and my overall design for the book and I’m excited to continue writing for it throughout the year. If the main plot is completed before the fall, then I’ll have no issue meeting the December release date.

Before Shadow Puppet Mysteries 2, there’s the revived and revamped Library Series Web Novel project to look forward to! Starting from January 20th, one updated chapter will be released each week.

Let’s keep this momentum going and make 2017 a great year!