Writing Update: 2017 Project Plans

The logo for my next book is now in production! While it won’t be released for over a year, now is a good time to begin talking about my plans to fill the space between then and now.

RMV Mysteries 2 begins this October, and new entries in the series will be published every few months, but RMV Mysteries is unrelated to the world of my next book. The stage of the continent of Zekkyn is vast and waiting to be explored. Through Alpha Fragments and other blog posts, I plan to offer glimpses into that world ahead of its debut at the end of next year.

During the initial stages of writing it’s important to leave room for new and better ideas and to not arbitrarily commit to plot points. Therefore, the plot of my 2017 book is still in flux even though many elements have been decided for close to a year now. New concepts and features of the world that feature in the book won’t be discussed until later when they’ve been established as fact, but elements like the Existence Scholars and the Order of the Black Flame can be explored further without fear of contradicting new information or writing something that ends up being cut during the writing process.

I believe that once something is written it’s established as fact, so I wish to be very careful with what I say or reveal. Using my judgment and what I’ve learned about writing over these past few years, I will do my best to release new information here and there that I can guarantee will be accurate. Once the logo has been revealed, which will also reveal the title, please look forward to these kinds of updates.

While it was difficult to speak about Memory Blood Castle, as it was the last entry in the series, this is a brand new work and so I can speak more about the development process as well. Please also look forward to more Writing Updates in general and the title and logo very soon!