World of Velorus Pt. 3 (Fragment Alpha-9)

Do you know the reason why they call me a monster?

It’s true that I kill gods as I please, but there are many that I would not kill. Gwen is obviously one of those select few. Reyskaw is a new addition to those that I seek to protect.

The World of Gods is a dying world. Originally, the gods of reality resided here. Those who created the planets and stars and humans and animals. They retreated to this world after their tasks were completed or they were driven out by mankind. Both they who fled and they who remained behind have likely faded by now.

An unknown number of years passed after that and now there are only gods like myself and the others who create small worlds for our entertainment. The Black Flames sometime venture into this world and there are those who seek the Marbles in this world, but those things do not matter. The fact is that this empty void in the “sky” has become a wasteland.

Gods who do not deserve the title ought to be murdered. That is my belief. It is also my belief that you might as well have fun carrying out unpleasant tasks. That’s what makes me a monster. Those with intellect like Gwen and Reyskaw and even the cloud called Marcosius are things that I will never harm.

There aren’t many who would find this explanation to be sufficient. I can’t be bothered to record all the details of my thought process so you will have to accept this. For now.

This world is practically mine so you all probably have another question for me: why do I not seek to revive this dying world?

The reason is that it is not dying in the traditional sense. In human terms, its population is declining. The world itself will remain. It is nothing more than a void. Nothing can destroy a void; it simply exists. 

This world is empty. Not useless, just empty.

There is no point in trying to fill an infinite emptiness.

Or so I chose to believe.

After all, in my library there is a document written by a god-seer…

Updated Announcements Calendar

The end of the writing for Memory Blood Castle is near and so I now have a better idea of when I can speak about certain things. You’ll find that, rather than delays, the calendar has been updated with many new things!

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