World of Velorus (Fragment Alpha-9)

By now you’ve probably heard my name many times.

If not, I would enjoy meeting you. None exist in the World of Gods who do not fear the name Velorus. I have my former apprentice to thank for instilling fear of me into even the newest gods.

Beloved Gwendolyn, dressed in white. She used to be a monster. I trained her to be like me. I showed her that gods are free to use humans as they please. The first world she created, Creswood, was truly beautiful. It had a simple elegance to it with a few intriguing murders.

Then she began feeling pity for the lesser beings. These creatures are nothing more than our creations. They are no different from the characters in a book or the personas of an actor upon the stage. They are not real. They are short-lived unless we give them life. So I do not understand why she pities them.

To claim that their lives are valuable and that they exist independently of us is foolish.

Gwen, you have your own apprentice now. Reyskaw. You’ve asked me to stay away from him. Could it be that you have fallen in love with him? I destroy gods regularly and you’ve never once asked me to save any of them. I’ve looked at the world that he comes from. There he was considered to be the founder of magic. Impressive. Perhaps not love, but admiration? I’ll make you reveal your feelings to me one day.

Reyskaw Valen. A figure of interest to myself as well. I have heard the name Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus and seen it within the Alpha Fragments that float through existence. What connection does that man have to me? And what of the other one called Marcosius?

There is a theory that one day we will all be joined together as one being.

I doubt such a thing is possible.


I reign supreme over the World of Gods. None can challenge me and there exists no being whose power I need to absorb. Even the legendary Marbles are surely nothing but fictions to give hope to the lesser gods that they may one day defeat me.

I am a tyrant and a monster. I am a creator god. For a while I have remained asleep, but the time for me to wake may be near. I look forward to our reunion, Gwen. And to Reyskaw, I look forward to our first meeting.

I wonder what the Alpha Fragments will say when I have destroyed you?

To be continued March 14th, 2016!