Creswood Illusions Released!

It’s very close to the deadline, but as promised the third installment in the Creswood Mysteries series is now available for free download here!

As always, your feedback is welcome. Can you solve the mystery? By now, most of the answers have been revealed but there is one thing left hidden…

Writing Update: January 2016 Edition

Good evening!

At the end of this upcoming week, Creswood Illusions will be released for free on the site. As I work on finishing this third story in the Creswood series, I’m also working on Memory Blood 4 for release this summer as well as other minor projects.

Right now there are many possibilities for Memory Blood 4. Ideally, the true plot will begin to take shape sooner rather than later but until then I’ve been writing various scenes and exploring different possibilities. Please look forward to some more concrete information in the future.

Also, I’ve prepared a gift for this Valentine’s Day. Another Alpha Fragment will be published featuring a certain character’s first appearance…

Creswood Illusions Coming Soon

The third and final part of Creswood Mysteries is nearly finished!

On January 29th, the full story will be released for free here on the site. There’s a lot that I want to say about this short story, but I should wait until it’s been released first. As with the first and second stories in the series, this next installment will provide more detail about the world of Creswood and offer more hints towards the truth.

For those that enjoy logic puzzles or just the atmosphere of the series, please look forward to the release at the end of the month. Of course I would also be happy if you attempted to solve the mystery as well.

2016 Goals

I’ve had a great start to the year so far, but it seems it’s been so good that I forgot to post my 2016 goals!

This year my goals are focused on writing and writing alone.

  • Release Memory Blood 4 – After the release of Book 3 it’s naturally time to begin thinking about Book 4. With the entire first half of the year to work on it, I don’t foresee there being any reason why it wouldn’t debut This Summer.
  • Release Creswood 3 – It looks like this series has become a trilogy after all. The third and final part will be released this year and will bring an end to my first mystery series. It’s been a lot fun and I’ll certainly enjoy working on the last story.
  • Planning RMV Mysteries #2 – I’m very excited about the idea of writing another mystery series and I want it to be even bigger and better than Creswood so I’d like to give myself plenty of time to plan. By the end of the year I should be in a position to start writing. The planning might be finished much earlier, but I don’t want to rush this goal at all.
  • Release more additional stories – Releasing books is fun, but I’ve always been a fan of short quick stories as well. My books are already incredibly short so why not just write freely and post stories to my blog every now and then? It’s important for what I release to be high quality so these stories won’t be frequent but there will be more of them than in previous years.

The goals for this year may be simple, but I’ve moved to caring solely about making high quality books. It would be nice to be able to release bigger books and launch all kinds of new series, but the thing that I value most is telling good stories and 2016 is certainly going to be the year for that.

Stay tuned for more details in upcoming blog posts as I make progress on my projects for the year. Things like the title of Memory Blood 4 and a reflection on Creswood Mysteries will certainly be posted.