2017 Goals

A new year is arriving and that means time for new goals.

  • Release Cronus Collection – Currently targeted for the end of the year, this is going to be my big project for the year and the largest novel I’ve written to date. I think I should be able to surpass 60,000 words for the first time but quality always comes first.
  • Release Shadow Puppet Mysteries 2, 3, and 4 – I think releasing at least three more installments in my second mystery series should be manageable. I’m excited to release Part 2 at the beginning of the year and I have a few tricks already prepared for later parts.
  • Release The Library Complex Web Novel – Every week, starting from late January, I’ll release an updated chapter from my very first novel. It’s important for me to continue sharing my first series with my fans, but they deserve better quality which is what led to the idea for the weekly releases and making it available for free.
  • Release Memory Blood Saga This Summer – The proof copy of Memory Blood Saga has been with me for a few months, but I think it’s a project better worked on slowly over time to ensure the highest quality so my new target release date is this summer. Sorry for making everyone wait!

These goals are achievable. I’ve looked at my schedule and I know it’s possible to get all of them done. I’ll be pushing myself a bit more this year than last, but as long as I commit to these projects I’m sure they’ll all turn out just as I’ve envisioned them!

2016 Goals Review

Another year has come to an end. 2016 was a little crazy, but I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so let’s take a look back at my goals from the beginning of last year.

  • Release Memory Blood 4 – Completed! Memory Blood Castle brought an end to the story that began in the first Memory Blood book and was my largest novel to date. While 50,000 words still isn’t a lot, the quality is something that I’m very pleased with and it and it’s paved the way for more books in the RMV Universe in the future such as Cronus Collection.
  • Release Creswood 3 – This was my first project for 2016 and it was completed successfully. Now I can say that I’ve published a mystery series and using what I’ve learned from Creswood I’ll be putting into Shadow Puppet Mysteries.
  • Planning RMV Mysteries #2 – This was finished about halfway into the year. The concept for Shadow Puppet Mysteries started development in January and by June I finished establishing the major components of the series and further refined these components before the release of Part 1 in October.
  • Release more additional stories – I completed this goal as well with releasing several new Alpha Fragments. Rather than limiting my ideas to novels, I greatly enjoyed exploring certain elements of the world and revealing new characters through free flash fiction stories.

Naturally, I’m more than pleased to say I accomplished all of my goals for 2016! This year was focused on writing and I wrote and published the best stories I’ve told thus far. Come back tomorrow to see my goals for 2017 and get an idea of what new content will debut over the next 12 months.

Thanks for all of your support thus far~

Writing Update: December 2016 Mega Update

Ahead of my usual Year End wrap-up and goals posts, I’d like to provide an update on all of my current projects.

Cronus Collection – Writing is going well and I have about 18,000 words in my current draft. Most of the material here has already been edited a bit, so I don’t think much will be excluded from the final version coming at the end of 2017. Later this week, I’ll be writing a little bit about the protagonist Leo Ranatas. While the story is the story of a city and has many different main characters from chapter to chapter, Leo’s story will span the entire novel.

Shadow Puppet Mysteries 2 – The scenario for Part 2 was completed some time ago, but I’d like to add more and refine what I’ve written. To be safe, I’m announcing the release date as January 31st, 2017 with the option of launching a little earlier if I’m happy with it before then.

The Library Series – For a few years now, I’ve expressed my desire to update The Library Series. However, working on new projects is important to continuously provide my fans with new content and making it my sole focus would just delay new adventures. At the same time, my first series does need some work as it’s the very first thing I published and I know exactly how to fix it to elevate it to my current standards so…

Next year begins The Library Series Web Novel Project! Starting late January, a new updated chapter from The Library Complex will be released every week! When this work is finished, the book on Kindle will be updated to the new 2017 version. Please look forward to returning to the world of The Library Series with refinements!

Memory Blood Saga – Unfortunately, this is the project that is going to be delayed further. Having just finished the series, the need for a full collection isn’t that high. I still want to fix up the small errors in the text and update all the digital books with the launch of the print book, but for now Memory Blood Saga is being pushed back to mid-2017. Please accept my apologies once more.

The God-Seer (Fragment Alpha-12)

Generally, a god is capable of seeing the past, present, and future for the worlds that they have created. Naturally, they cannot see these things in their own world, just as humans cannot see beyond the present.

A god-seer is one with the capability of viewing the timeline of the World of Gods. Some can see just a bit into the future. Others can observe the entirety of the past. The few born with this natural talent can be said to have the power of those dimensional beings that transcend all manners of alternate realities. It is a rare gift, but it can also be manufactured through secret techniques.

The last remaining god-seer in the Age of Velorus was one of those not naturally born.

It was the creation of an organization foreign to the World of Gods. An artificial creature embedded with a single Blue Solar-Powered Observation Lens. Utilizing an unknown matter as fuel, it travels across many godly realms recording as much information as it can. With its special eye, there is no limit to what it can see. The scope of its observation spans the complete timeline from beginning to end for any given World of Gods and all sub-worlds within.

At present, it has left the world that Velorus reigns over. At a certain point, it will return to its creators for deactivation and to be disassembled for parts. In the event that it is destroyed, no information will be lost thanks to its “black box” feature. The information repository of this god-seer is forged in the metal of The Gate itself.

While this god-seer is an artificial entity that was designed to be used as a tool, it is still beloved by one of its creators. The main designer of the entity bestowed one of its own names unto the creature: Jeanne.

Jeanne the god-seer mechanism is also capable of recording the Alpha Fragments. As they are stories scattered across time, they also fall within the scope of its observation. Jeanne already knows the identity of Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus, but that is something not to be spoken of. While Jeanne spoke briefly to Velorus, it utilized its own discretion in deciding what to reveal. The fact that it even spoke to him was strange in itself. Jeanne was not designed to communicate with anyone other than its creators. And yet, as beings with free will often do, it followed its curiosity for a short time and deviated from its mission.

“Are you equipped for combat?” Velorus asked her. In his mind, she was certainly a woman despite having no reproductive features.

“Combat functionality has not been installed,” she replied.

“What about your defenses? Are you immune to my power?”

“My armor will not withstand your full might,” she replied. “Though that is unnecessary. I can escape any potential harm faster than it can reach me.”

Velorus asked questions regarding her offense and defense thus highlighting his focus on dominance. Jeanne asked him questions that he didn’t understand for the purpose of confirming what she had learned. After satisfying her curiosity, she left to continue her mission in another universe.

Writing Update: Shadow Puppet Mysteries

2 weeks from now, the first part of Shadow Puppet Mysteries will go live for everyone to read for free. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about my process for writing this series.

When it comes to a mystery, the most important thing to do is to know the solution. In order to create a fair mystery that can be solved it’s necessary to know the full truth ahead of time. Beginning this January, I started thinking about RMV Mysteries 2 and the idea of shadow puppets came fairly on although this concept evolved throughout production.

While working on the first scenario, I also worked on the background scenario and touched it up as necessary. If there weren’t enough people to suspect, I worked on the backstories for certain characters and made them more mysterious. If the logic didn’t quite connect, I adjusted the tale so that the solution would make sense from beginning to end. In this way, both the first scenario and the truth behind the entire series was constructed.

The first scenario’s rough draft was completed back in June, but I’ve given myself several months to not only revise and make the story better but also to start development on Part 2 of the series. By starting development on the next scenario, it reveals the areas of the story that are shallow and need more depth. Now I’ve been able to take things I’ve learned by writing the second part and make the first part even better as the model for the rest of the series.

While writing a series you have to invent new things, but with a mystery series moreso than anything you want a sense that everything was decided from the beginning so many elements have to be in place to start with.

Creswood was a rather simple mystery, but Shadow Puppet Mysteries has more complexity due to being in development for a longer period of time. Right now my thinking is that there will be seven parts, but everything is subject to change depending upon the reaction of you the reader.

That’s all for today. Please look forward to Part 1 releasing on October 25th and let me know your impressions!