2015 Goals Review

It’s the end of the year! It sure has been a long time since the last time it was January 1st.

While I improved at many things this year, the rate at which I improved was a bit slower than I would have liked. I think that my desire last year to take the moment from 2014 forward into 2015 is an even strong desire now. Let’s take 2015 and use it to push ourselves ahead in 2016.

  • Release Memory Blood 2 and 3 – This goal was accomplished! Even if the third book ended up being shorter, I’m happy with this development. Memory Blood Discord was a unique opportunity and it’s allowed me to introduce world elements that can now be used a little more freely in the finale now that they’ve been established. I’m looking forward to writing the grand finale and I have a far clearer idea of what Book 4 is going to be now.
  • Release an additional project – With Creswood Fantasies I achieved this goal. I’m very happy to have released all the material I wanted to in 2015.
  • Increased marketing – While I did work on this, I’ve found myself not focusing on this goal so much. Rather than marketing, I’d like to simply reach out to more people. So this goal is a success but it’s unlikely to be a future goal of mine.

Tomorrow I’ll post my goals for 2016 so please look forward to them. I’m always excited at the beginning of a new year and I’ve proven many times now that I can set reasonably challenging goals and meet them if they’re what I truly desire.

The plan for 2016 can’t be formed fully at the start of the year, but I’ve got some exciting things to share.