Writing Update: It’s May Now Edition

Back when I first started writing, I had lots of posts about different ideas and things that I was eager to share. These days I try to keep everything a secret and so I end up not posting as much, so please forgive me for this.

Sooner or later, I’ll reveal the title for Memory Blood 2. While the second installment was originally referred to by just a number, that’s not very descriptive, is it? The name reveals a lot about the book so I don’t know that I want to reveal it just yet, but I’ll likely put MB2 up for pre-order on Kindle so the description and title will be available then along with some cover art that may or may not be temporary.

I think the writing and editing for MB2 has been going very well so I’m confident it will be out on time. The first time it got delayed was because I chose an inferior direction. The second time it got delayed was because I wanted to give myself extra time. I’ll use the remainder of May and the next few months to make sure everything is as it should be. I created some tough situations in this book, but everything is really coming together and anyone who liked Memory Blood should enjoy MB2 even more.

That said, there is a shift in focus. Memory Blood focused on Mara and Dustin while Memory Blood 2 expands out a little bit. Rather than the relationship between two people, there are multiple characters this time around and so balancing the characters relative to one another is one of the biggest challenges this time around.