Writing Update: First 2015 Post Edition

Quite a lot has happened so far this year even though we’re only 17 days in. First, Memory Blood has been updated to its 2015 Edition (typo fixes) and is now available in print for $6.95 from Amazon via Createspace! In Memory Blood 2 news, work on the second story is underway and hopefully the majority of this next book in the series will be mostly written before the end of the month.

I’ve also decided that this year I’ll be working on a sequel to Creswood Mysteries. What shape this takes has yet to be decided, but the difficulty may be significantly raised. The mystery can be solved fairly easily with the first book alone though, so do not delay in your deductions.

With the release of Memory Blood in print, I think it might be possible to deliver something cool each month in 2015. For January we have Memory Blood in print and for April we have Memory Blood 2, so what might happen in February and March? Right now I think I’ll try to update The Library Complex next month and put Memory Blood 2 on sale (pre-order) in March. After that, I’d like to continue by updating the remaining books in The Library Series.

Nothing is set in stone, as quality is significantly more important than a release date but I think it’s going to be a fun year. Hopefully there will also be lots of cool surprises even I don’t know about yet.