2015 Goals

In 2014, I was finishing adjusting to several things but I was still able to publish two works that I am very proud of. I’m looking forward to taking the momentum I’ve built up in 2014 and continuing to accelerate more and more into 2015 and beyond, so here are my official goals for the year as a whole.

  • Release Memory Blood 2 and 3 – The 8 month development schedule for Memory Blood worked very well and is also working very well for the second book in the series so I see no reason why the next two books in the series wouldn’t be released in 2015. I’m very excited about the second book, the shape of which becomes clearer every day, and it should surpass the first book which I’m already immensely proud of.
  • Release an additional project – If Memory Blood 2 lands in April and Memory Blood 3 at the end of the year, then there’s time for an additional project in between the two. Right now there are different things I can do so I’m not committing to anything, but more RMV Mysteries or even a brand new project are possibilities as well.
  • Increased marketing – I’ve increased the number of people that have read my books in 2014 and I’d like to continue doing this in 2015. I’ve learned a lot about what type of promotion is and isn’t worth my time and money and so I should have even more success in the coming year.

If I were to assign a bonus goal for this year, it would be cleaning up The Library Series a little bit. There are still some typos remaining and I’d like to cleanse all four books of any mistakes which should be a task I can accomplish this year. Unfortunately, I don’t think 2015 is the right time for more Orin Chronicles or Academy series books so I won’t be including them as bonus goals for this year. In my opinion, The Orin Chronicles needs to be relaunched and so that’s a major project for the future.

Of course, these are simply my goals for 2015 and other unique fun things are sure to happen along the way. These are the major goals, but it would be silly to limit myself and so please look forward to another great year of creativity with me!