2014 Goals Review

Release the first two books of my next series – In August I accomplished the first half of this by releasing Memory Blood. For the purpose of quality I delayed Memory Blood 2 and I’m very happy with that decision. Now when the book launches in four month’s time it will be the absolute best it can be. I started writing MB2 again today and I’m brimming with energy from all the different ideas and stories that are already falling into place where they need to be.

More Friday updates – I believe I accomplished this during the early parts of the year as I slowly revealed my new series to be Memory Blood but then as the latter half of the year came I consciously decided to lessen the number of Friday Updates. Ultimately, this goal wasn’t as exciting after the new series was announced and that’s why there was no need to continue pursuing it. I think frequent weekly updates will only return when I’m launching big new projects which won’t be for a while now.

More marketing and networking – I absolutely achieved this one. My marketing and social media skills have greatly increased and I’ve had an easier time connecting with others this year. I saved some money for marketing campaigns too and I’ve learned a lot from those experiences and look forward to taking them with me into the new year.

Tomorrow, I’ll officially announce my broad goals for 2015 and speak more about where I’m going as a writer. I’m very excited to say more but will contain myself for now.