Writing Update: Mid-December 2014 Edition

It’s about time for a new Writing Update now that Creswood Mysteries has been announced. As of now, the story has been completed and I’m working on balancing and tuning the mystery over the next 2 weeks leading up to the release before the end of the year. Official story info and a release date will be coming soon, but I need a little more time to prepare so your patience will be appreciated.

When I set out to write my debut mystery novel, I initially wanted to make it super difficult to solve because that would be a lot of fun for me. However, there’s plenty of time to write super difficulty mysteries in the future… so why not start out a little easier? The balancing of the hints is not yet completed but I think there will only be a mild amount of difficulty in the Creswood case which means that more than a few people should be able to solve it outright and most people should have some good guesses by the end.

This was a quick project, so it’s only the length of a short story and that also makes it easier to re-read so I’d like to ask my readers to try their very best to solve it. Unlike a standard mystery novel, there’s no solution at the end but a solution shouldn’t be necessary. The mystery becomes solvable quite early on and more and more hints are presented afterwards that will help with figuring things out.

Even if you can’t solve it, it should still be fun and that’s what excites me about this work. The appeal of a mystery novel is the mystery and I think I’ve created something quite fun and lighthearted despite the fact that people get murdered. If you haven’t read something in this style before you’ll probably only understand after you’ve read it but I guarantee it will be worth the 99 cents that it will cost!