Writing Update: September 2014 W1 Edition

This week I deleted the content that I knew wasn’t going to be kept and wrote the next 1,000 words of Memory Blood 2’s first story. The general ideas for all of the stories and the arcs of each character have been decided upon. From here on out, the writing won’t be slowed down by my being uncertain of things. This is the type of planning I used for the first Memory Blood and it went very well and it felt right then and it feels right now.

Writing isn’t just thinking of things and writing them down. It’s about exploring and learning about things as they happen and so planning should be limited to direction and important ideas or topics. This is how I’ve always enjoyed writing and the only time my writing has ever suffered is when I arbitrarily decided on things and didn’t take into account the actual act of writing and the need for freedom.

I’ve spoken about this balance between planning and writing many times before, so I apologize if it seems redundant at this point. At the very least, this update can serve the purpose of informing the reader that I’m still using this style.