Writing Update: End of September 2014 Edition

This week I didn’t make as much progress on Memory Blood as I had intended, but I wrote a key scene so I’m not unhappy with not yet having reached 15k words. I hate to make such a short post, but unfortunately it was a rainy and unproductive week. To make up for it, I’ll schedule a post for sometime before the next Writing Update and talk about some cool things.

Writing Update: September 2014 W3 Edition

Memory Blood 2 is now at about 12k words and the ideas for each story have been solidified. At the moment, there are 5 stories just like there were in the original. They all have a unique flavor to them as well, but I’m approaching the ongoing plot a little differently this time around. I don’t want to give away anything about the plot so there’s not much that I can say other than confirming that it’ll be a little bit different (which is probably a useless thing to confirm to begin with).

The tone this time around is a little more prevalent and can be seen throughout all of the stories. In the first book, Mara and Dustin’s relationship was at the center and so all the stories were very focused on those two characters. This time around, the situation isn’t focused on a relationship between two people. Even though I’ve given away nothing I feel like I shouldn’t say much more so that concludes this week’s Writing Update. In the future I might give away some sort of tangible detail about the new book so I’ll stop talking for now.

Writing Update: September 2014 W2 Edition

The word count for Memory Blood 2 has now reached ~9500. I had wanted to get to 10k before posting this, but I feel I’ve already written a good amount today and I didn’t want to force anything. This time around I’ve been thinking about the plot and jumping around whilst writing rather than spending months and months planning and resisting the temptation to write.

The character arcs arose very naturally and tie in well with the main plot. The elements I was unsure about during the production of the first book are all falling into place and I’m enjoying the process. One of the only things I don’t really know just yet is the number of stories that will be included. I expect the word count to be around the same as it was for the first book, likely a little higher, but I’m not too worried about that right now.

Writing Update: September 2014 W1 Edition

This week I deleted the content that I knew wasn’t going to be kept and wrote the next 1,000 words of Memory Blood 2’s first story. The general ideas for all of the stories and the arcs of each character have been decided upon. From here on out, the writing won’t be slowed down by my being uncertain of things. This is the type of planning I used for the first Memory Blood and it went very well and it felt right then and it feels right now.

Writing isn’t just thinking of things and writing them down. It’s about exploring and learning about things as they happen and so planning should be limited to direction and important ideas or topics. This is how I’ve always enjoyed writing and the only time my writing has ever suffered is when I arbitrarily decided on things and didn’t take into account the actual act of writing and the need for freedom.

I’ve spoken about this balance between planning and writing many times before, so I apologize if it seems redundant at this point. At the very least, this update can serve the purpose of informing the reader that I’m still using this style.