Writing Update: Summer to Winter Edition

If you’ve followed my Twitter, you’ll know that production on Memory Blood 2 is already under way. The total word count so far is about 3,000 words and the main topics of each story have formed in my mind. Recently, I discovered something interesting that’s going to change the way the stories play out and I’m excited by this new development. One of the things that I value most about the writing phase are these discoveries that strengthen the work in unexpected ways.

Additionally, I also spent some time working on a side project for the blog but I decided not to go through with it. I think that there’s a limit to how much something can be broken up. Releasing four books is one thing, but having five-part mini blog series and such things can feel a little disjointed. Even the 7 volumes of The Orin Chronicles feels like a bit much to me and I have the urge to just rewrite them into a slightly more condensed book (not that I’m announcing that I’m doing that). So instead I’m taking this material and saving it for when it becomes relevant in the future.

Also, remember that the Memory Blood release promotion giveaway is still accepting entries through next week! So far I’ve received a sufficient number of entries but I’d like to continue celebrating the book’s launch by giving as many people as possible a chance to win the prize.