2 Weeks Until Memory Blood!

This week I finalized the first story and began working on finalizing the second. As I’ve re-read older works of mine, I’ve noticed a few typos managed to make it through despite multiple editing passes by two different people so I’m doing my best to make sure I catch every single one for Memory Blood. After the intensity with which I went through the first story, I can’t imagine that there’s a single word out of place and, if there is, I apologize deeply >_<

The issues I’ve faced over the last year have also begun to disappear meaning that my writing will continue to be more and more of a priority through the end of this year and into the next. I’d like to produce a great deal of content for everyone, but I’m keeping things realistic and I’m happy with what I’ve got scheduled so far. One day in the future I’d like to be able to release many stories per year, but for now please enjoy Memory Blood this month and its sequel at the end of the year!