42 Days Until Memory Blood Release

The final phase of development has begun!

Throughout this month I’ll be making sure that everything in the story is worth reading. It’s not uncommon to leave things unfinished during the writing stage with the intention of getting back to them later, so now’s the time to make sure everything has been attended to.

All of the key plot points are in, but what about the integrity of the individual stories? Sometimes serialized content can feel arbitrary and pointless. The journey of the main characters is important, but so are the individual adventures that they go on. If those adventures don’t feel worthwhile, then that’s a bad sign.

As an example, there’s nothing worse than watching your favorite show and finding a few episodes to be bland. If it’s a comedy then it might be okay, but if there’s a big story arc then those bland episodes are forever a part of that story arc. That’s why I’m worrying a great deal about the individuality of the stories. The arc for this book could probably be called finished at this point and that’s something I had decided before I even began writing as the major story arc is the lifeblood of the book and if it was flawed to begin with then I’d be in a truly undesirable position right now. (Of course, it isn’t at all like that).

I’m very happy with the state of the first story in this regard as well as the new third story so there probably won’t be many changes there and I’ll focus on the other stories more and then make sure everything has fallen into place and that it’s a pleasurable reading experience from beginning to end.