Writing Update: June W3 Edition

In 10 days, the QA period for Memory Blood will be over and I’ll resume working on the book. Even before receiving any feedback, there are a couple of things that I’m going to begin working on soon.

The major addition is an additional story. Right now, I’d like for there to be more content in the book and so a new adventure will be added in the middle of the book which will bring the total number of stories to 5. I don’t want to upset the balance of the book so I’ll be thinking carefully about what sort of a story it will be and how it will fit into the character arcs of Mara and Dustin.

The addition of a new story at this stage might make it seem like I’m rushing to add new content, but I can assure you this is not the case. The first half of the book already feels very good, but this new story will have a ripple effect on the second half where there are many things I’d like to clean up and get into a state ready for presentation to everyone which is why the month of July will be vital to the development process for this book.

The planning for the second book will also continue into July and once Memory Blood is released I’ll start working on Memory Blood 2 right away. I already have some ideas for some new characters and the vague settings and direction of the story but I’d like to work on that a little more while finishing the first book. The tone of the second book is already distinct from the first and I’m looking forward to writing it and seeing what kind of adventures will be had in the next installment.

As an additional note, I’ve been thinking about writing beyond Memory Blood a lot lately and I’ve been thinking about pushing my mystery series back to 2017 and doing something else in 2016. Plans are always subject to change, but I wanted to stress this point as I accidentally made a soft announcement for my mystery series when I’m not yet ready to commit to anything. It won’t be until around this time next year that I’ll know for sure what I’m doing immediately after Memory Blood and you can expect a formal announcement when we do reach 2016.